She was beautiful. He is wealthy. The pair seemed like a perfect match, but on December 7, 2017, she wound up dead after falling fourteen floors. 18-year-old Dutch model Ivana Smit spent the final night of her life with American cryptocurrency trader Alex Johnson. Malaysian police have concluded that Smit's deadly plunge was an accident fueled by alcohol and drugs. However, thanks to newly released CCTV footage and the findings of a private investigator, the Case has entered into possible homicide territory.

According to British private eye Mark Williams-Thomas, who spoke on the record to tabloid news publication The Metro, Smit's death should be reopened and investigated as a murder.

Williams-Thomas, who first came to the public's attention after he exposed the fact that long-time entertainer Jimmy Savile was a prolific pedophile, is currently working on behalf of the Smit family. The family and Williams-Thomas contest the official findings, which found that there were "no criminal elements" involved in Smit's death.

Another British tabloid, The Daily Mail, has released this week CCTV footage showing Smit being carried in Johnson's arms just hours before her strange death. The video shows the pair enjoying each other's company in a nightclub in Kuala Lumpur. Luna Johnson, an Indonesian model and Alex Johnson's wife, can be seen in the footage as well. Johnson, a Bitcoin trader, is reportedly an advocate of the "swinger" lifestyle, which means that he openly carries on sexual relationships with other women with his wife's approval.

Disturbing findings

Frank van de Goot, a professional pathologist, has also cast doubt on the idea that Smit's death was a tragic accident. Mr. van de Goot says that the lack of blood at the crime scene indicates that Smit was dead before she fell fourteen stories. Van de Goot, who conducted a second autopsy on Smit's body, also noted that her arms showed signs of bruising.

Such evidence, van de Goot told the Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf, indicates that Smit may have fought with someone prior to her fall.

At 7:30 a.m. on the day of Smit's death, she and Luna Johnson took a picture together. Three hours later, a naked Smit is believed to have fallen to her death. Her body would not be discovered until approximately three p.m.

that day. Marcel Smit, Ivana's father, believes that all of this evidence was swept under the rug by Malaysian police because they sought a quick end to the case.


Both Marcel Smit and Williams-Thomas are convinced that the eighteen-year-old model was murdered by either Alex Johnson, his wife, or both. Given the fact that one of Johnson's neighbors reported hearing a violent argument on December 7Th, and given that the Johnsons frequently engaged in "sex games" with young models, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence to suggest that Smit's death was the result of a tryst gone wrong. Everus World, the cytpocurrency company that Johnson works for, has weighed in on the matter by issuing a public statement.

"The company will continue to monitor this matter carefully. Until the relevant authorities release official statements, we are unable to comment further, " the company's press release said.

Marcel Smit contends that his deceased daughter was not known to engage in "sex games" or drugs, while Williams-Thomas recently told the Belgian TV program "TV Limburg" that if the case had happened in the United Kingdom, it would be immediately treated as a homicide.