In a shocking statement, Sam, a middle-aged Florida Man who contracted a from his Christmas Dinner of "seemingly harmless" ham said that a few weeks later, he noticed black dots in his left eye, which moved every time a ray of light entered.

Disturbed and plagued, the man made a quick visit to the doctor, where he found out that the black dots were a parasitic brain-eating Tapeworm which was trying to settle in his left eye.

How could that be?

Taenia solium is the most harmful tapeworm to humans. Taenia solium is contracted through contact with infected feces or uncooked pork which contains larval cysts.

If the larvae are ingested, they mature into adults in the small intestine. This infection type is called taeniasis and is often asymptomatic of pork tapeworm belonging to the Cyclophyllid Cestodes in the family of Taenoidae. It is also an intestinal zoonotic parasite which can be found throughout the world, especially in places where pork is consumed.

Humans can be infected at the larval stage from raw or uncooked pork. The tapeworm then lives in the intestinal walls and feeds on bile, digestive enzymes and other nutrients produced in the body. After 1-2 months, it can develop into a full adult.

In very rare cases, the tapeworm can travel into the bloodstream and attach itself to the brain and eyes.

According to the World Health Organization, there have only been about 20 cases of Pork Tapeworm embedding itself into eyes worldwide.

Would he be able to see again?

The concern Doctor Don Perez had was in removing the dangerous tapeworm before it died in Sam's eye. The death of the tapeworm in Cordero’s eye could lead to an inflammation that might ultimately lead to blindness in his left eye.

Still, if the tapeworm is left alive, it can produce eggs that travel to the brain. Fortunately for the middle-aged man, it had not traveled to his brain just yet. If it had, Cordero would have had seizures as a result of the worm making tiny holes in his brain and making his brain look like Swiss cheese.

The doctor performed the delicate surgery to remove the 3mm worm that had already fertilized over a thousand eggs.The surgery was successful and the doctor assured Sam that he would have 20/20 vision.

One way to avoid getting the infection is to wash your hands with soap and water before eating/handling food, and after using the bathroom. When traveling around where tapeworm is common, wash and cook all fruits and vegetables with safe water before eating.