A few hours ago, law enforcement gave the all clear after no signs of an active shooter, or any evidence that a shooting had occurred at Highline College in Washington State. According to the Express UK, this discovery arose after police received reports of gunfire on or near the Washington State campus. After the threat, the college initiated an immediate lockdown for students to barricade their doors and windows while law enforcement secured the campus and evacuated buildings.

Alleged shooting on campus

Highline College, located in Des Moines, Washington, approximately seventeen minutes south of Seattle, Washington went into lockdown mode at about 9 AM PST.

On their Facebook page, Highline College stated, “Lockdown - This is not a drill.” During the lockdown, a large presence of police and emergency vehicles were in the area and a warning had gone out to not come near the campus.

The Renton police department stated that there were several agencies that were aiding in the investigation at Highline College after gunfire was reported, and further stated that nothing had been confirmed yet. Traffic was also rerouted away from the area and the southbound lane of the Pacific Highway was shut down by the Washington State police.

College and student responses

Highline College cancelled classes for the rest of today as a precaution, although no evidence of a shooter or shooting was found.

A student tweeted that he had heard six to eight gunshots while he was walking to class and said that they are now in lockdown. Another Highline College student stated, “Walking out of class today at Highline College and there’s a shooting on campus! it’s [sic]safe nowhere! Always check your surroundings. It’s getting out of hand.”

The Highline College website had gone blank while the situation was unfolding.

A warning was put in its place that stated that the college is reacting to an active shooter danger on the campus, that they were cooperating with the police, and that all of the buildings, as well as the staff and students, were on lockdown. The lockdown was lifted about two and a half hours later.

Schools, colleges on high alert

Colleges, universities, and K-12 schools throughout the U.S. have gone on an increased alert after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida in which 17 people were murdered by shooter, Nikolas Cruz, 19, on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, ABC News reported that a grandmother in Washington State alerted law enforcement that her grandson was planning a school shooting at one of the high schools in the area.

On Thursday, a South Carolina Broome High School student was arrested after he posted a threat on social media where he said: “Round 2 of Florida tomorrow," the Conservative Firing Line reported.