Since the Duchess of Sussex found love with her now husband Duke Harry, her estranged half-sister Samantha Markle has made several attempts to cut off the relationship between the Royal Couple by bringing up personal relationship matters of her and Meghan Markle.

After several failed attempts to cut-off the relationship between the Royal Couple, Samantha Markle has finally issued a public apology to her sister on live TV, hoping that things will be different between them.

What we know about Samantha Markle?

Samantha Markle who is popularly known as Samantha Grant, is a mom-of-three and an elder sister to the Duchess of Sussex with 17 years between them.

They both share the same father but different mothers. The mother-of-three is wheelchair bound because in 2008 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which is an autoimmune condition.

Samantha Markle is one of the most vocal of the Markle family, she is always striving for ways to lash out at her younger sister Meghan. According to the, Samantha has not spoken to Meghan since 2015. She has also branded Meghan with names such as a narcissist and selfish.” In a birthday message to Prince Harry, she called him a “wuss” and also referred to him a ginger hamster.

In the past, Samantha had claimed to have raised Meghan for 12 years when they were in California.

She plans to write an autobiography of her younger sister Meghan titled “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister."

Samantha Markle’s apology

Samantha Markle spoke up on Monday, and miraculously she did not accompany it with a Twitter rant like she normally does. The mother-of-three appeared on The Journalist Jeremy Talk Show, she began by stating that she had made an attempt to speak to the Duchess of Sussex one-on-one at the Buckingham Palace but couldn’t because of the crowd of tourists who flock the Buckingham Palace every day.

So, she was left with no option than to go on live television to make her message heard.

The mother-of-three began by saying that she did not know things would spin out of control between them. She also stated that her family was hurt because they were not invited for the royal wedding, and things would have been different if that had been different.

Samantha also spoke about the love the Markle family still has for Duchess of Sussex. She ended her brief talk by apologizing and wish things could be different between them.

Among other things, Samantha Markle confirmed that she would be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house for the 2018 summer series. The mum-of-three has been on the priority list because of her outspoken behavior towards her younger sister Meghan Markle.

The Duchess of Sussex is yet to make any statement about the incident.