One of the biggest stories in politics to kick off the month of February is over the so-called Nunes memo. While the majority of the right-wing media have been pushing for the memo's release, one host on Fox News is warning against it.

Fox News on Nunes memo

It's no secret that Republicans and Democrats have been at odds with each other over most issues in Washington, with partisan media outlets only adding fuel to the fire. Currently, the debate of whether or not to release the Nunes memo has dominated the headlines. The memo in question is a four-page document put together by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes after a nine month investigation into the FBI's alleged partisan abuse of their authority when it comes to surveillance of the Trump campaign and at least one advisers during the 2016 election.

Democrats in Congress have warned against the memo's release, citing national security concerns, with Republicans and conservative media pushing for it to be made public. This issue was highlighted during a February 1 segment on Fox News.

While many hosts on Fox News have been standing in support of the Donald Trump and Republican effort to release the Nunes memo, Shepard Smith is breaking from the network's stance and warning about the possible ramifications. "In the middle of a criminal investigation, two Trump associates are under indictment, two more have pleaded guilty, admitting they lied to investigators," Smith pointed out.

"The FBI and the Justice Department are under fire from the president," Shepard Smith went on to say, accusing supporters of Donald Trump of "craft(ing) a document to cast doubt on the investigators’ integrity." Not stopping there, Smith went on to warn Trump and the GOP that their efforts might end up being a "precursor of what could become a constitutional crisis."

Next up

As of press time, it's unknown whether or not the memo will be released, but Democrats are fighting hard to keep it under-wraps.

Democrats note that Devin Nunes doesn't have credibility when it comes to handling sensitive material, and many believe that the document simply cherry picks information with a partisan slant in an attempt to smear the FBI with the hope that it could derail the current investigation into Russian election interference. While Shepard Smith does his best to provide clarity to an otherwise conservative network, Fox News is expected to continue to push the narrative of releasing the memo and defending the president in his feud with the FBI.