The bodies of a wealthy executive, Steven Dym, 56, his wife 50-year-old Loretta Dym and their teenage daughter Caroline Dym, 18, were found on the second floor of their lavish Pound Ridge home by a house cleaner at 11 a.m on Friday. The housecleaner immediately called 911 and State Police and Pound Ridge police responded to the scene of the apparent murder-suicide.

Cause of death has not yet been revealed by police

There were reportedly around 20 officers investigating the incident with helicopters flying overhead. Police would only say it was apparent the husband had killed his wife and teenage daughter before taking his own life.

As reported by, the cause of death has not yet been revealed by Joseph Becerra, the investigator for the State Police.

However, as stated in that report Dym’s father, Lawrence Dym, had been attacked by Steven’s mother while he was sleeping in bed with a hatchet handle in the very same home back in 1992. Lawrence survived his injuries, while his wife was taken to hospital for psychiatric evaluation, as she was under some stress at the time of the incident over a medical condition.

Wealthy executive family

Steven Dym worked as CEO of the property management company, Gabriel Management in Queens where his father, Lawrence, was the founder and president.

The business manages a number of apartment buildings. His wife, Loretta, worked as a Vice-President for Club Quarters Hotels in Manhattan.

The couple’s daughter, Caroline, attended Sacred Heart Greenwich, where she is was shortly to enter her senior year and was known for playing golf, while William, the couple’s surviving older son, has just begun his sophomore year at the University of Southern California.

Neighbors shocked by the incident but didn’t know the couple

As reported by NBC New York neighbors told their reporter that the Dym’s house was up for sale. However, they added that no one really knew the family.

One neighbor, Peter Lusk, Jr. said He was out riding his bike when he spotted helicopters over the neighborhood. Lusk has been living in the neighborhood since 1998 and said it was weird for something like this to happen there. He said it was “horrible,” and that they didn’t really hear about things like that going on in Pound Ridge.

Multi-million-dollar neighborhood

NBC reports that the Dym’s home covered 4,661 square feet and had a large backyard with a pool and 11 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The Pound Ridge neighborhood where it is located reportedly covers around 30 square miles with several multi-million-dollar residences available for sale.