Donald Trump spoke to British Prime Minister Theresa May and reportedly demanded that she prevent potential Protests from taking place during a planned visit to the United Kingdom or he would cancel his plans. In return, the president was mocked by critics.

Trump on U.K.

It's no secret that Donald Trump is not very popular in the United States. In the most recent round of polling, the former host of "The Apprentice" has a 39 percent approval rating, with his numbers reaching as low as just 32 percent in some polls. Despite this, Trump and the White House have done their best to deflect and downplay the list of controversies and scandals facing the president, like the Russian investigation, and instead put the focus on the improving economy.

Trump's questionable policy proposals and reckless behavior have also had a negative impact on international relationships, with Trump declining in popularity abroad. One of the United States' closest allies in the United Kingdom have also expressed trouble with Trump, which was detailed in a Bloomberg article published on January 24.

In a piece released by Bloomberg on Wednesday, Donald Trump spoke to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May at some point in 2017 and demanded that she put a stop to the reported planned protests again him or that he would not visit the country.

May was forced to explain to Trump that protesting is just part of a free and open press in Britain and that there was really nothing that she could do about it. In addition, Trump reportedly wouldn't stop interrupting May during their phone call, causing even more tension to take place. Fast forward to earlier this month and Trump's demand appeared to hold true as he canceled a trip to the United Kingdom, though the White House insisted that it was strictly over the president's opposition to the recent opening of the new United States embassy in the country.

Instant reaction

After the news broke about Donald Trump's phone call to Theresa May, those who oppose the administration made sure to hit back. "It takes special 'talent' to f*up up the relationship with our formerly closest ally in the world," Amy Siskind wrote.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA how can you force ppl to cheer while they dislike him so much," an additional tweet added. "Get over it! Everybody is not going to kiss his a**!" a Twitter user stated. "Lord, this man child. I don't believe this, this man want to be loved by everyone.

He is an embarrassment to this country,"a follow-up tweet wrote.

"If by 'warm welcome' he means millions of people staging a (possibly violent) protest, I think it's guaranteed!!" a Twitter user wrote. "I'm sure she's relieved to be off the hook then," a social media user added.