On Tuesday morning, another school shooting took place, this time taking place in a small Western Kentucky town. After 24 hours, Donald Trump finally decided to speak out, but his remarks didn't come without criticism.

Trump on Kentucky

On Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School in the town of Benton, Kentucky, a 15-year-old white male took out his handgun and opened fire on his classmates. After the chaos had ended, two students, one male and one female, both 15-years-old, were killed, in addition to others being left injured. The motive behind the killing is unknown as of press time, though the suspect has since been caught and taken into custody.

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin addressed the media during a press conference, offering his condolences to the family and friends of those injured and killed. As the hours went forward, many lawmakers expressed their sympathy to the victims, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, Donald Trump made no comment about the shooting, instead spending his time tweeting about the FBI and the Russian investigation. After receiving backlash from the media, Trump finally broke his silence with a tweet on January 24.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon, Donald Trump addressed the Kentucky school shooting.

"Earlier today, I spoke with Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky regarding yesterday’s shooting at Marshall County High School," Trump tweeted out. "My thoughts and prayers are with Bailey Holt, Preston Cope, their families, and all of the wounded victims who are in recovery," he added, while concluding, "We are with you!"

Instant backlash

In response to his tweet, critics of Donald Trump wasted no time firing back.

"When the leader of Canada tweets condolences about this prior to you, you know we are in trouble," one tweet read.

"He doesn't care...the only reason he tweeted this is because he is catching sh*t for it...shouldn't have to be told to care," one Twitter user wrote.

"These school shootings must stop. When my son was 14, I locked all our families weapons in a steel case. Parents need to wake up and be pro-active. Teenagers are hurting," an additional tweet added.

"That's just it, you're not with them. Enough with the thoughts and prayers How about common sense gun control?" a follow-up tweet stated. "Nice enough of you to offer condolences a day later after you got all your childish temper tantrum tweets in first," yet another Twitter user posted.