Over the last week, Donald Trump has been forced to deflect from allegations that he's not mentally fit to be President of the United States. In response, the president curiously compared himself to former President Ronald Reagan who was known for having Alzheimer's while he was in office.

Trump on Reagan

It was just last week when the media were able to gain access to excerpts of "Fire And Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by author Michael Wolff. One of the continuing themes in the book was the questions surrounding Donald Trump's mental fitness and if he was capable of leading the country.

Wolff writes that several advisers and associates close to the former host of "The Apprentice" had expressed doubt over his mental health, which quickly became a headline across cable news in recent days. As expected, the White House quickly denied the allegations, with the president himself referring to the book as a fiction and Wolff as a "loser." Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to inform the nation that he was a "stable genius," before doubling down on those claims during a Q&A with reporters at Camp David. As seen on his Twitter feed on January 7, Trump was back on the defensive.

In a tweet sent out on Sunday morning, Donald Trump continued his attack on the media by comparing himself to a former Republican president.

"I’ve had to put up with the Fake News from the first day I announced that I would be running for President,"Trump tweeted out.

"Now I have to put up with a Fake Book, written by a totally discredited author," Donald Trump went on to add in response to "Fire and Fury." "Ronald Reagan had the same problem and handled it well," he continued, while concluding, "So will I!"

Twitter trouble

In response to Donald Trump's tweet, critics came pouring in to push back.

"We've had to put up with FAKE news from the first day you announced you'd be running too. It came from you and Russia!" one tweet read.

"Well, you haven't handled it very well so far.

This must be your longest twitter tantrum since, oh, last week," one Twitter user wrote. "Reagan was senile for much of his presidency. Don is out doing him by starting earlier," a follow-up tweet added.

"It could be worse, your predecessor had to deal with some idiot running around the country claiming that he was born in Kenya and criticizing him for golfing all the time," yet another tweet read.

"There's something really ironic about you whining about 'fake news,' Mr. Birther Man. Still waiting for your private investigators that you sent to Hawaii that had big news, incredible news, can't believe what they are finding?!" an additional tweet stated.