For long Erdogan has dreamed of a return of Turkey as a major world power. Turkey under Erdogan has thus been flexing its muscles to further its interests in areas close to its borders. The latest act, which has come as a rude New Year jolt for the USA, is the Turkish attack with tanks and heavy weaponry on the American backed Syrian Democratic Force (SDF). A report by CNN was used for most of the details in this article.

Turkey alleges that the SDF is dominated by the Kurdish militia and the YPG. Turks also claim that the YPG has close ties with the Workers Party, a Kurdish outfit which for long has been battling the government troops in Eastern Turkey for an independent state.

CNN has reported that after air bombing of Kurdish regions in Northern Syria, the Turkish Army has entered Syria to destroy the US-backed Syrian Kurdish-YPG militia.

US supported force

The US has just set up the SDF force of some 30,000 soldiers armed and trained it, in a bid to control the Syria-Turkey border. It is also part of the gratitude for helping the US fight the ISIS. The Turks don’t see it this way and despite American calls for restraint have entered the Afrin region of Northern Syria, which is the stronghold of the Kurdish-YPG militia.

Operation Olive branch

The Turkish state-run Anadolu news agency has reported that the army is aided by the Free Syrian Army. The agency has quoted Erdogan as saying that the operation will “soon be over.” The incursion into Syria code-named “Operation Olive branch," has come after a heavy air bombardment of the entire region.

The Turkish forces are now inside Northern Syria and this can only cause alarm for America.

The Syrian Democratic Forces general command has condemned the attacks and has said it will have no option but to resist.

The attack by the Turkish army, which is a member of NATO, and an ally of the USA, will sour US plans to set up a Kurdish state in northern Syria as a reward for the help they got in fighting the ISIS.

Erdogan has made it clear he considers the YPG a terrorist organization and will never accept an independent Kurdish state.


Russia and France have called for restraint. The Russians will, however, not be unhappy with this Turkish operation, as it will put at risk the US efforts to have an area of influence in North Syria.

Iran also has tacitly supported Turkish action. Assad has condemned the move of the Turkish army into Syria, but he will not be perturbed at the destruction of the US-backed SDF.

The future looks hazy as the Turks are infuriated at the formation of the Kurdish-YPG militia, supported by the USA. Tensions between the US and Turkey are high and it will be interesting to watch what Trump does to counter Turkey.