After just a week into 2018, the White House is still doing their best to defend the president in his ongoing rift with the FBI over the Russian investigation. While Kellyanne Conway stood by the president's agenda during an interview on Fox Business, critics on social media took time to give their thoughts.

Conway on Trump

Over the last year, Donald Trump has been forced to push back against allegations that he was in collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. Following his upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, several well-respected news outlets and government agencies confirmed that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee with the goal of electing Trump.

As expected, Trump has denied the allegations, but an investigation was set up and is being led by special counsel Robert Mueller, the former director of the FBI. Since then, Trump has gone on the attack against the FBI, doing whatever is in his power to discredit the organization and their efforts, while insisting that there is "no collusion." These issues were highlighted during a January 7 interview with Kellyanne Conway on Fox Business.

Joining host Stuart Varney for "Varney & Co." on Fox Business on Sunday morning, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway spoke out in favor of Donald Trump and his reaction to the FBI and the investigation into his alleged collusion with Russia.

"Well you read the president's tweets to that effect and I'll let them speak for themselves," Conway said in response to Trump's handling of the FBI.

"This president has said for months now that he respects the rank and file in the FBI, we know it's a bureau of about 25,000 or so men and women who are mostly doing their jobs incredibly well," Kellyanne Conway said, before adding "but there's great concern." "Given the evidence that we now have of people activity working against Donald Trump the candidate, and president-elect candidate," she said, while accusing members of the FBI of "trying to stop him from taking office" and "saying terrible things."

Twitter reaction

After Kellyanne Conway gave her remarks on Fox Business, those who oppose the president quickly chimed in.

"Madam 'alternative facts' strikes again....isn't a crypt missing its keeper?" one tweet read.

"You are all fully aware that @POTUS is unfit for the office he serves.

I suggest you respectfully ask him to resign due to stress & health issues to save face. The two screens scripted 'Wizard of Oz' bit behind the Press Sec & short press conferences only confirm there is a problem," another tweet added. "He's also for months verbally assaulted the FBI. He seems to go back & forth on positive and negative commentary towards the bureau. Kinda erratic, really," yet another Twitter user wrote.

"When Stephen Miller and/or Kellyanne Conway show up on a Sunday, it typically means that anyone with any hopes of maintaining a reputation when the regime comes down knew better," Amy Siskind wrote. "Kellyanne actually defending Trump over his attacks on the FBI is getting more pathetic by the day. She lies more than Sarah Huckabee Sanders," an additional tweet stated.