Maj. Gen. Ryan Gonsalves, who once was commander at Ft. Carlson, lost his chance at being promoted to Lieutenant General (three-stars), due to an Army Inspector General (IG) report that stated that Gonsalves called a female Democratic staffer a “sweetheart" during a meeting at Fort Carson, Colorado in October 2016, ABC News Channel 13 (Colorado) reported.

News of Gonsalves’ disciplinary actions was first reported by the Stars and Stripes, an independent news and information bureau for the US military community, DoD civilians, veterans, contractors, and their families.

A report by provided a lot of the information used in this report.

Gonsalves statements to Democratic staffer

An unidentified female staffer of Rep. Jim Langevin, (D-Rhone Island), told the Army’s Inspector General that she was disrespected when Gonsalves called her a “sweetheart.” The report was given to Stars and Stripes and concluded that due to the “preponderance of the evidence,” Gonsalves did make the statement.

The Army IG report removed the name of the female Democratic congressional staffer, as well as 10 other people who were present and did include statements from members of Gonsalves’ staff who attended the meeting. The report went on to say that Gonsalves focused on the staffer’s young age and stated that she should take meticulous footnotes on why the US military needs to be funded “since she is a Democrat and doesn’t believe in funding the US military.”

In another allegation in the report, Maj.

Gen. Gonsalves asked the Democratic female staffer what her age is and after she responded, he told her about his time being a young Army officer serving during the Cold War and then told her to take some notes and to tell her “Democratic boss” about what the military needs and why. Since Gonsalves has violated the Army Command Policy of treating others with “respect and dignity,” the report will be transferred to the Judge Advocate General (JAG) for “proper action.”

Gonsalves nomination

At this time, the Army has decided to not state anything more about the case concerning Maj.

Gen. Ryan Gonsalves, who at one time, commanded the 4th Infantry Division until Aug. 2017 and, as of now, serves as a special assistant to the commanding general of the 3rd. Army Corps at Fort Hood, Texas.

His nomination was first presented in July 2017, but as a result of the impropriety, his nomination was retracted on November 27, 2017.