The winter of 2018 is truly taking a toll on the United States east coast. The combination of the Noreaster and bomb cyclone is leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Days of below freezing temperatures, along with snow, ice, and wind caused major damage at the Jfk Airport in New York on Sunday afternoon. Terminal 4 where the incident took place is the major gateway for international traffic. Leaking water poured through the Baggage Claim area and caused major flooding which continued to wreak havoc on Monday. Travelers are stranded, the baggage area is damaged, and flights continue to be delayed.

JFK Airport is a victim of the storms

JFK airport is but one victim of the harsh winter weather that has been barreling down on the east coast. Freezing temperatures have shut down many businesses and closed schools in its path. According to the New York City Fire Department, the cause of the leaking water has not yet been determined, but the damage, however, is very noticeable. News reports showed the floor entirely covered, with flood waters being reported to be over an inch high. There is also water shown coming down the walls of the arrival area.

On Friday several hundred flights around the nation were canceled, including 94 at the New York airport all because of the storms that are attacking the east coast.

This is the reason why so many travelers have been stranded at JFK. According to an Instagram post from Emilio Mesa, luggage is piling up and the situation is now dangerous and considered a fire hazard. New flights continue to come to the airport and there is not enough room. Mesa said he had to wait 13 hours before obtaining his luggage.

JFK has had problems before

According to some travelers, there were problems at JFK Airport before the 2018 winter storm led to the issue of the leaking water. Complaints of baggage problems and delays had been noted and now there are hundreds of pieces of baggage lined against the walls. Stranded travelers are even sleeping next to their luggage as they wait.

There has even been a partial evacuation of terminal 4.

The winter storms of 2018 are leaving a lot of damage and there is no sign of the harsh weather letting up anytime soon. The New York Port Authority issued a statement announcing that the FAA is limiting some flights into JFK Airport and all flights that were scheduled to arrive at terminal 1 have been canceled for the rest of Monday evening.