With the controversial Alabama Senate election taking place in less than a week, Donald Trump is making a strong push to stand by Roy Moore. While not going to Alabama, Trump decided to hold a campaign-style rally in Pensacola, Florida, just a few miles from the state.

Trump rally

After just 11 months in office, Donald Trump has decided that he wants to hit the trail and take part in campaign-style events. Earlier in the week, the former host of "The Apprentice" publicly came out in support of Roy Moore, the Republican candidate in Alabama who has been accused by several women of sexual assault and harassment.

On Thursday night, Trump made his way to Pensacola, Florida, which is just miles from Alabama, and held the aforementioned rally. Over the course of his hour-long speech, the billionaire real estate catered to his base, hitting his typical talking points, as reported by Fox News on December 8.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Pensacola, Florida on Thursday night, Donald Trump wasted no time hitting all his favorite targets. "Tonight we will speak straight to the American people and cut right through the fake news media," Trump said. "Did you see all the corrections the media’s been making, they're saying sorry," he continued, in regards to recent inaccurate reporting at ABC News and CNN. "Thank you CNN," Trump sarcastically said.

Trump's trolling

Donald Trump then gave himself credit for the improving economy, before bringing up his critics, who call themselves "The Resistance" movement. "They call themselves 'The Resistance," Trump said. "You ever see these signs? Resist. Resist," the president said, before mocking those who have opposed the administration by protesting.

Not stopping there, Donald Trump then called out the "Blacks for Trump" group that were in the crowd.

"You see this? Blacks for Trump!" he said, while adding, "I love you." "Hillary resisted, and you know what happened, she lost the election," Trump went on to say, which sparked a "Lock her up" chant.

Donald Trump continued on as he went on to highlight a variety of topics, including immigration reform and his controversial travel ban. "We're not going to let people into our country who are going to destroy our country. And that may or may not be politically correct, but, honestly, I don't care," he said, before stating, "We have to do the right thing." The commander in chief moved forward with his rally just days before voters a few miles away vote for either Roy Moore or Doug Jones as the next senator from Alabama.