Hafiz Sayeed is a known name in the world. He is accused of masterminding the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26/11, which resulted in the death of nearly 200 persons including many Americans and Jews. The US had designated him as a "global terrorist" and placed a bounty of $ 10 million on his head. But Hafiz like Osama bin Laden has found a safe haven in Pakistan. He was earlier under house arrest but has now been released by the Punjab High Court, as the Pak government presented no evidence. The terror leader who is now aspiring to contest the 2018 elections as reported by the Times of India has berated the United States and Trump for recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital Of Israel. He has called for an all-out war on the US and shutting off all American embassies in Muslim countries.

Trumps decision

Trump's decision has met with a strong condemnation by most of the Islamic nations. President Erdogan of Turkey has called for a meeting of all heads of the OIC to discuss the action of Trump. It will be recollected that two days back, Trump had announced that the US would shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He had recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. CNN has reported this news.

In Palestine, the extremist terror groups like Hamas, with the tacit support of the government, have designated the day Trump made the announcement as "day of rage." Violence has erupted as rockets were fired on Israeli settlements, but the IAF has responded in kind and targetted munition dumps and hideouts of the terrorist groups.

The situation is tense, and the longtime allies of the US, France, and Britain have not endorsed the American action.

Hafiz Sayeed opposes

Trump has stirred the hornet's nest, by stating that the USA has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He has also stated that the peace process has not moved anywhere, during the last two decades, despite this decision being kept in abeyance.He has stated an obvious fact, that cannot be denied.

Pakistan which has been given a status as a non-NATO military partner has condemned Trumps action. The Pakistan Air Force chief has also gone on record and stated that the PAF would shoot down all drones operating in Pak airspace, even if they are American. Hafiz Sayeed who is aspiring for a greater role in Pak politics has called on the Muslim world to unite against what he has termed as the "jews evil agenda" as reported by the Times The situation is tense and attacks on Americans, in Muslim countries cannot be ruled out.