On Christmas night, Donald Trump sent out a tweet saying he would be back to work as president the following day. In the 48 hours since then, the president has spent a considerable amount of time on the golf course which hasn't gone unnoticed by many of his critics.

Trump on golfing

Before Donald Trump even announced that he was going to run for president, he spent time on Twitter attacking then President Barack Obama for going golfing from time to time. The former host of "The Apprentice" vowed that if he ever got into office, he would spend that time constructively to improve the country rather than taking to the green.

Trump doubled down on this point during his year and a half on the campaign trail, but he hasn't exactly lived up to his promise. On Monday night as Christmas came to a close, Trump tweeted out one final holiday message, while noting that he would be "back to work" in the morning. As reported by NBC News on December 27, Trump was back to golfing for the second day in a row since making his "back to work" tweet.

For the 86th day since being sworn into office last January, Donald Trump was on the green, doing so at his private resort in south Florida.

The trip was also his 112th day being spent at one of his own private properties, which equates to close to a third of the time he's been president being spent away from the White House and at his own land. As expected, the White House has not issued a response to the report, but it didn't stop those who oppose the president from pointing out the irony.

Media reaction

As Donald Trump worked on his golf swing, social media didn't hold back in its mockery and trolling of the commander in chief. "There are no other events today on his public schedule...." MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin pointed out.

"The President has arrived at Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach.

White House hasn't said who he's golfing with, or even if he's golfing this morning (narrator voice: He's golfing)" MSNBC correspondent Garret Kaake tweeted out. "It must su*k to be a customer of a Trump golf course. You think you have a round booked and then they’re like sorry, the boss showed up. Maybe you can play later," one tweet read.

"Trump playing golf and/or being at a Trump golf course almost a third of the time he’s been in office, after saying he would not do so, is the most continuous lie his supporters swallow every day - and without question.

It’s telling of their cult mentality," another tweet added. "Stays home? Since when are Trump Golf courses HOME? HE spends more time at Mar-A-Lago than he does the White House - and charges the Secret Service for the golf carts they have to use to follow his fat a** around the golf course," yet another tweet stated.