After Donald Trump announced that he would be moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, backlash quickly followed from the United Nations and others around the world. However, Israel was so happy that they have decided to name a new Train Station after the president.

Trump in Israel

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump used many talking points to appeal to his base of supporters as well as other conservatives. While tackling illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism, cutting taxes, and repealing Obamacare were at the top of the list, the former host of "The Apprentice" would also throw a bone to Israel from time to time, vowing to move the United States' embassy in the country to Jerusalem, which has long been disputed land with Palestine.

While Congress passed a bill to make the move back in 1995, every president since has signed a waver to avoid doing so due to potential international political backlash. Despite signing the waver twice in 2017, Trump announced he would no longer do so moving forward, which resulted in celebration from Israel. As reported by the Associated Press on December 27, Trump's decision has earned his name to be used to honor of a new train station being built in the area.

According to reports on Wednesday, Israels' Transportation Minister Israel Katz announced that a new train station being built next to the Western Wall will be named after Donald Trump "following his historic and brave decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel." The proposal would extend Jerusalem's planned high-speed rail line that links Tel Aviv to the Western Wall, which is considered the holiest site where anyone of Jewish faith can attend and pray.

Twitter reacts

After the news broke off the train station in Israel being named after Donald Trump, critics lashed out on Twitter. "Israel minister sees nothing wrong with a guy who called Neo Nazis 'good people,' I think I’ve heard it all," one tweet read.

"Hear ye, hear ye!

Get your tickets for the apocalypse, Armageddon, and the rapture at Trump train station in Jerusalem," another tweet added. "Will his name be in gold letters, 20 feet tall?" one Twitter user wondered.

"Is the station going to be called 'Dotard station,'" an additional tweet asked.

"OK how many derailments per week are they expecting ? I figure at least 4!" yet another tweet stared. "The Israeli’s know how to get Trump to do what they want, with no trade offs, simply appeal to his ego, and the US will do whatever you want. Sad for America," a social media user wrote. The negative reaction continued as opposition to Trump's decision on the embassy in Israel remains a hot topic.