New York police officers are searching for a black male, who is a suspect in the crime of spray-painting and defacing several apartment building doors throughout Manhattan with a white supremacist symbol and a male body organ. The police are not sure of who the suspect is but has released a photo of the male who they believe is responsible and the police need the public’s help in finding him, the Patch reported.

The suspects vandalism

The Manhattan New York Police Department (NYPD) stated that the spray-painting Vandalism began on Thanksgiving when the male suspect entered a Kips Bay, New York high-rise near Madison Ave.

that evening, around, 7:30, the suspect moved to the 48th level and proceeded to draw two pro-supremacist symbols and a male body organ on those apartment doors and then went over to another apartment door and spray-painted, “Max G was here.”

Other vandalism acts by suspect

A few days afterward, on December 2, the New York suspect then went into a Manhattan Financial District apartment building and proceeded to draw an upside-down cross on the that building’s elevator doors. The suspect then proceeded to draw several pro-supremacist symbols and once again, drew a male body organ on the other apartment doors as well as leaving his tag, “Max G was here.”

Then the suspect, on Monday, December, 18th, gained access to another Manhattan apartment complex located near N.

Moore/Greenwich streets and drew the same supremacist symbols and the male body part and once again, left his calling card tag, stating that Max G was here…although this time, he misspelled “here” and spelling it as, “hrres.” The suspect went on to do the same criminal act at other apartment complexes. The report and subsequent photo of the unknown black male suspect were released on Wednesday, December 27.

If you have seen or know who this suspect is, the New York police have asked that you contact them immediately.

New York City police data shows overall crime rates have declined

In other crime news, the latest New York City police data shows that overall crime rates in the city, in 2017, are the lowest it has ever been since the 1950s, the Hill reported.

The total number of crimes, as of Sunday, was 94,806 that included all felony categories such as rape, vehicle thefts, murder, and burglary. Overall, 286 New York citizens were murder this year. Although cases of rape were lower for the year, there were increased reported rapes due to the “#metoo” hashtag movement which may have helped more victims to contact law enforcement as the cases of misdemeanor sex crimes had increased overall. The other data showed that officers had to fire their weapons only 23 times this year, lower than the 37 times in 2016, and it appears that the officers are using their stun guns more often than using their firearm.