For over a year and a half, Kellyanne Conway has done everything in her power to defend Donald Trump. In her latest attempt to shield Trump supporters from negative press, Conway used social media to select the positive aspects of the economy in regards to the president's impact.

Conway on Trump

It was in the summer of 2016 when Donald Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was forced to resign after his financial dealings with Russia were made public. In an attempt to deflect and shift focus, Trump hired veteran Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway to take over the job of running his campaign.

As the months moved forward, Conway would often be seen engaging in heated exchanges with cable news host, most notably on CNN, where she would defend Trump's campaign and policies regardless of the evidence and facts that contradicted her argument. When Trump pulled off his big win over Hillary Clinton, he was so impressed with Conway's performance that he brought her into the administration in the role of "Presidential Counsel." Since then, Conway has continued on with her defense of Trump, which was once again seen during a December 18 tweet.

Taking to her Twitter account on Monday afternoon, Kellyanne Conway decided to promote the recent success of the economy by giving all the credit to Donald Trump.

"Not yet tired of winning," Conway tweeted in reference to Trump's campaign promise to get the United States to "win" so much that people will "get tired of winning."

"This is called causation, not coincidence," Kellyanne Conway went on to tweet. "Thank you, @realDonaldTrump," she concluded, while sharing an article about the Dow Jones reaching 5,000 points in one year for the first time in history.

Reality check

As expected, the backlash to Kellyanne Conway and her tweet quickly followed. "Wow. This guy really did get everything from inheritance," TV writer Bess Kalb tweeted out.

"Don't use words like causation.

Someone might think you'd been talking to a science non-denier," one tweet read. "No Meth Barbie, #ThanksObama for putting the country and the economy in the right direction. Sad thing is that the Dow is good because rich people are excited about a tax scam that screws the poor and middle class," another Twitter user pointed out.

"Global markets outpacing the Dow and growth was stronger under Obama first year but cool story," an additional post added. "Tweet probably won't age well; put this in the Dec 18, 2018 time capsule," a follow-up tweet stated.