Today, in a surprise turn, Michael Flynn pled guilty to Judge Rudolph Contreras regarding his false statements to FBI agents in December of 2016.

Here’s what you need to know:

On January 24th, 2017, Flynn agreed to be interviewed by agents from the FBI. During this interview he lied about two things.

  • Executive Order 13757 - He lied about not speaking to a Russian Ambassador about Executive Order 13757 regarding U.S. Sanctions against Russia in response to their actions intended to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
  • Interference with a vote in the United Nations Security Council Resolution – He lied about not asking countries, including Russia, to take a particular action regarding a specific resolution.

For these two lies, Michael Flynn was charged by Robert Muller’s Special Consul for violation of 18 U.S.

Code § 1001 or “False Statements.” The sentencing is “Imprisoned not more than 5 years.”

In response to these charges, Michael Flynn was offered and accepted a plea deal by the Special Consul. This plea deal lowers Flynn’s sentencing from a maximum of 5 years to 0 – 6 months in prison. In return, Flynn has agreed to fully cooperate with the Special Consul to whatever extent they wish.

What this means:

None of the legal documentation illustrates exactly what Flynn may or may not know regarding possible collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. It’s impossible to conclude from these charges and the plea deal how the Special Consul will continue to pursue charges against other high-ranking members of the Trump Campaign.

Although, it is important to mention, these charges bear no evidence for or against possible collusion between any Citizen of the U.S. and the Russian Government.

Possible conclusions:

  • A link in the chain – It is possible Flynn has admitted to the Special Consul of having intimate knowledge regarding collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government. Furthermore, this plea deal is the first of many steps to bring full-evidence against high-ranking members of the Trump Campaign.
  • An innocent error – It’s also possible Flynn and the Trump Campaign committed an innocent error in communicating with the Russian Government only 30 days earlier than legally allowed.

We’ll just have to wait and see what information has yet to be revealed to the general public. Truthfully, it’s unknown what this result could yield.