Walmart has pulled a controversial t-shirt that encouraged lynching journalists from their website. The Message on the shirts read, "Tree, Rope, Journalists. Some Assembly Required." The shirt was pulled after the Radio Television Digital News Association sent Walmart a letter flagging the message on the shirt and asked for it to be removed. Walmart executives within hours honored the request to remove the shirt.

Under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Walmart does have a right to sell items of their choice. It was established to allow people to speak out against the government, it allows people to voice other concerns that may affect an individual, and it also allows people to speak without the worry of being prosecuted.

The right of free speech does not give an individual or a company the right to entice violence against anyone, according to Justia.


Dan Shelley, the executive director of RTDMA, stated: "although the shirts are available at least at one other e-commerce source, Walmart appears to be the only major retailer selling them in the U.S. T-shirts or any other item bearing such a sentiment simply inflame the passions of people who either don't like or don't understand the media," reported NPR.

The shirt first gained attention last year when a person was photographed wearing one in Minnesota.

The shirt was produced by Teespring which is a custom design company. The company allows people to create and use their own ideas to design shirts, and lets other people buy them. It is not the first time the company faced controversy over their products. In August, the company also removed a rainbow shirt with an offensive symbol that offended many people.

Journalists being killed

In recent years journalists have faced many animosities covering and investigating stories. Recently, journalists have also been accused of fake news stories, angering some people.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, they estimate that since 1995, 1262 journalists and media staff have been killed worldwide. Journalists have died in many fields, ranging from politics, crimes, war, business, sports, culture, and human rights. So far in 2017, 58 journalists have been killed.

The job of a Journalist is very important. They play many different roles: writing, editing, and broadcasting. Journalists put their lives on the line to get information to the public. Journalism allows the public to be informed about politics, world events, crimes, and many other things to be able to make the best choices they can. Without journalists, the world would be kept in the dark.