Though Christmas is now in the rear-view mirror, members of the White House are still putting focus on the increased holiday economic numbers. For Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she was quick to give full credit to Donald Trump.

Sanders on Christmas sales

Over the last year, the economy has continued its upward trajectory that was started during the Barack Obama administration following the Great Recession in 2008. The stock-market has increased, unemployment continues to fall, and consumer confidence is improving as 2017 comes to an end. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the holidays were good for business, as sales, with the exception of automobiles, increased to 4.9 percent during November and December, which is a bump up from the 3.7 percent increase during the same time frame in 2016.

It was the biggest jump since 2011, and as expected, the White House was quick to use the information to their advantage. As seen on her Twitter account on December 26, Sarah Huckabee Sanders promoted the article in question by giving praise to the president.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders used the increased Christmas sales to promote the idea of a "Trump economy." "Fewer people are living paycheck to paycheck...There is a lot more spending from the lower- and middle-income groups,'" Sanders quoted from the Wall Street Journal, while adding, "More great news in the booming Trump economy."

Economic push back

It didn't take long before Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet about the economy was challenged by critics of the president.

"Perhaps getting out in the real world would be enlightening to you," one tweet read.

"Who are the people you been talking to, there are a lot of people sufferings before this tax bill was pass and many more people are losing their jobs.

Talking points don’t work Sarah," a Twitter user wrote. "It's still the Obama economy, that's why it's booming. Once the Tax Reform laws take effect, the recession will follow quickly, just like it did in the past when the GOP slashed the budget. Republicans famously do not learn from their past," an additional tweet noted.

"Not true for me.

And you people don’t even realize how the majority of people are living in America," a follow-up tweet stated. "Still living paycheck to paycheck here... who’s she getting her info from," a social media user added. Twitter users continued to post their thoughts in the hope that the White House would get a reality check on the subject.