In recent days, Donald Trump has been outspoken about his handling of the release of three American college basketball players from a jail in China. As Trump and the father of one of the players got into a war of words, one host on Fox News appeared fed up with the present's behavior.

Fox News on Trump

Earlier this month, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill of the UCLA men's basketball team were arrested on charges of shoplifting in China. At this time, Donald Trump was in the middle of his 12-day foreign trip through Asia, which included a stop in China and a meeting with President Xi.

While the crime of shoplifting in the country could lead to as a long as a decade behind bars, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to negotiate the release of the players without any further consequences. Upon returning home, Trump lashed out at the three students during a post on Twitter for not thanking him for his actions. A few hours later during a press conference and all three players reached out with thanks to the commander in chief. However, LaVar Ball, father of LiAngelo, dismissed the notion that Trump helped much in the release of his son, prompting the president to fire back once again on social media. After multiple tweets on the issue, including Trump saying he should have left the players in a Chinese jail, a host on Fox News decided to sound off during a segment on November 20.

During the Monday edition of "Your World" on Fox News, host Neil Cavuto decided to break from the usual support given by the network to the president and called out Donald Trump instead. "Forget about either comment not being presidential," Cavuto said.

"At what point does the president see such remarks don’t even border on being human?" he wondered.

"Pick your fights because neither of these seems worth the fuss," Neil Cavuto said, in reference to the LaVar Ball feud, as well as Donald Trump's recent Twitter outburst at Sen.

Jeff Flake. "You wanted a thank you, you got it. You wanted a reason to go after a senator you hate, you pounced on it," Cavuto went on to say. "Last time I checked, you are the President of the United States. Why don't you act like it?" the Fox News host concluded.

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While the majority of the hosts on Fox News have been overwhelmingly in favor of Donald Trump, some like Neil Cavuto have taken time to hit back. Though the president has often praised the network in the past, it's unlikely that he will do the same for Cavuto and anyone else who criticizes him in the future.