President Trump on Wednesday called for the termination of the Diversity Visa Lottery program in the United States after the terror attack in New York. Suspect Sayfullo Saipoz, 29, entered the U.S by winning the Visa Lottery in 2010 in which he received a Green Card. Under the new plan, Trump wants merit-based entry instead of a lottery system. Trump called Saipov an "animal" and also suggested that the suspect should be sent to Guantanamo Bay.


Diversity Visa Lottery

The Diversity Lottery program was established under the Immigration Act in 1990, which George H.W.

Bush signed. The program is run through the State Department. The lottery allows 50,000 people a year to enter the United the United States and become U.S citizens. The Visas are selected randomly, from selected regions. Regions that participate in the lottery program include Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, the Bahamas, South America, and Central America. Thirteen countries are excluded from the program.

Over the years there have been efforts to appeal the program. Many attempts have been made to end funding and stop the program. President Trump will ask Congress to change the program to merit-based entry or to end the program completely. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has come under fire by President Trump for his role in establishing the program.

Manhattan terror attack

Sayfullo Saipov had been planning the attacks for weeks leading up to the attack. He rented a pickup from Home Depot in New Jersey on Tuesday afternoon. He then drove into lower Manhattan, crossing the George Washington Bridge. Saipov drove beside a bike path along the Hudson River where he hit and ran over multiple people, killing 8 and injuring 11.

Saipov then crashed the rented pickup truck into a school bus that was carrying children who had just been dismissed from school. Saipov then jumped out of the truck, shouting," Allahu akbar," which means God is great in Arabic, according to authorities. He then pulled out two guns, and a person who was present at the time, kicked the guns out of the hands of the suspect.

New York Police Officer Ryan Nash fired 9 rounds at the suspect, shooting him in the stomach, according to The New York Times. The firearms that the suspect had turned out to be a paintball gun and BB gun.

Saipov was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he underwent surgery after being shot. According to authorities who questioned the suspect after surgery, Saipov seemed to be very happy. He showed no remorse for his actions and felt very accomplished. The suspect is listed in critical but stable condition.

Police at the scene of the attack searched the vehicle used. Inside the truck, law enforcement found a note claiming that the attack was for ISIS, the Islamic State terror group. According to NBC News, the note said," ISIS lives forever." Also found inside the vehicle were knives.

The suspect

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov immigrated from Uzbekistan and is an Uzbek national. he has been in the United States for the last seven years and resided in Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey. He was a truck driver and also worked for Uber.

Saipov is married and has three children. His wife Nozima Odilova denied knowing anything about the terror attack and is fully cooperating with authorities. Saipov was officially charged with terrorism on November 1.