Over the last month, the biggest headline to dominate the news cycle has stemmed from the bombshell report exposing years of sexual assault and harassment committed by film producer Harvey Weinstein. The Weinstein story has since been used to bring up previous allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump, which continued once again as the holiday season draws near.

White House Christmas

One month before Election Day last year and Donald Trump was forced to deal with an October surprise in the form of the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape.

On the audio recording, it appeared to reveal a private conversation between Trump and then host Bill Bush where the former host of "The Apprentice" bragged about using his fame to touch women, while elaborating on his private sexual thoughts with a married woman. In the weeks that followed, a dozen women came forward to accuse the president of various forms of sexual harassment and assault, which resulted in Trump quickly denying any wrongdoing. Since then, Trump has been hit with the stigma of being an accused sexual assaulter, which he still denies to this day. In recent weeks following the initial Harvey Weinstein story, several other high-profiled men in entertainment, sports, and politics have been accused of similar actions, including Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

With the uncomfortable allegations hanging over the head of Washington, social media users quickly reacted when a photo was taken from inside the White House on November 27 of a mistletoe used for a Christmas decoration.

The mistletoe has traditionally be know as small decoration used during the holiday season, where any two people who stand below it should engage in a kiss.

Due to the controversy surrounding the recent sexual assault scandals, the placement of a mistletoe at the White House drew backlash from many on social media after the image was tweeted out by CNN reporter Kate Bennett. "The mistletoe is a new touch... @WhiteHouse holiday decor tour," Bennett tweeted.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of the White House mistletoe picture making the rounds, critics of Donald Trump wasted no time firing back.

"Mistletoe hanging in every room in the Trump White House? As if the GrabEm-In-Chief needs a bigger green light?" one tweet read.

"What could possibly go wrong?" one Twitter user asked. "Hmmm ... watch where you stand, ladies," another post noted.

"Harassment stations (aka mistletoe) hung from the ceiling of the WH in this political climate is so perfectly on brand for Trump it hurts," another tweet stated.

"Isn't' that nice! Who needs tic-tacs and celebrity to force kisses on women when you've got mistletoe, amirite, Donald?!" an additional tweet pointed out. The backlash continued as the negative stigma surrounding Donald Trump showed no signs of ending anytime soon.