Donald Trump has constantly been surrounded by controversy ever since announcing his plan to run for president. Since then, Trump's often been a source of humor, which continued on Thursday night.

Trump's bug problem

Donald Trump has been president for nearly a year after his shocking upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In the months that have followed, Trump's presidency has been marred by controversy, most notably the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference, and whether or not the former host of "The Apprentice" was ever in cahoots with Russia.

After being sworn into office, Trump's administration has gone through multiple shakeups, as low and top levels members of the team have either quit, been fired, or been forced out due to scandal. In response, the majority of the American people don't seem pleased with the job Trump has done, which has been reflected in the steady low approval ratings of around 35 percent. To add insult to injury, The Hill reported on November 25 that the actual White House is currently invested with bugs, roaches, mice, and other vermin.

According to the original report obtained by the local NBC affiliate in Washington, maintenance work orders uncover that the White House is dealing with a major problem, as mice, cockroaches and ants have infested the building.

The report details that there have been mice in the Situation Room, as well as an ant colony building a home inside the office of Chief of Staff John Kelly. As expected, the internet had a few things to say about the story in question.

Twitter reacts

After the news broke that Donald Trump was living in the White House filled with insects and vermin, critics of the president couldn't help themselves.

"Is that a nice way of referring to Trump and his cabinet?" one tweet wondered.

"Pretty strong language when talking about the Trumps and this administration," another Twitter user wrote.

"Hey..... I don’t think you are allowed to talk about Trump and his family like that," an additional tweet noted. "I'll take the roaches, mice, and ants over the vermin that is currently in power in the white house," a follow-up tweet added.

"Lol I've known that since Jan 20th cmon now," another tweet read, in reference to Inauguration Day.

"There is a 300 + lb vermin in the oval office mon- Friday if he isn't golfing . Lets get him out first!" yet another post stated. The negative, but humorous reaction continued to pour in as the opposition to Donald Trump and his administration moved forward.