Donald Trump has been the President of the United States for the better part of the last year, and despite his best efforts, he's viewed in a negative light by the majority of the American people. In an attempt to push back at his predecessor, the current president has decided to hit back at Barack Obama.

Trump on Obama

When Barack Obama entered the White House in January 2009, he did so just months after the Great Recession resulted in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. With Obama entering office, he replaced Republican President George W.

Bush who left Washington with a damaged economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not playing well with the people. Over the course of the next eight years, Obama ran into a Republican dominated congress that often obstructed much of his legislation. Despite this, after completing his eight years in office, the stock market had doubled, while the unemployment rate was cut in half. On his final day as commander in chief, Obama exited with an approval rating that ranged from 53-62 percent, depending on the survey taken. On the contrary, current President Donald Trump has not had the same luck, as his favorable rating has remained stagnant at below 40 percent. As the pressure continues to mount on Trump over a variety of reasons, he took out his frustrations on Obama during a November 29 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday night, Donald Trump took a shot at the Democratic Party and Barack Obama while attempting to take credit for the current success of the economy.

"Funny to hear the Democrats talking about the National Debt when President Obama doubled it in only 8 years!" Trump tweeted.

Reality check

In response to Donald Trump's Twitter attack on Barack Obama, critics of the president wasted no time firing back. "That's funny! So far this year, the secret service has had to pay over $140,00 in GOLF CART RENTAL FEES for Trump GOLF OUTINGS.

Just last week, in four days, over $7,000 in FREAKING GOLF CART RENTAL FEES. You're a joke," one tweet read.

"He walked in the door with a 1.5 trill deficit courtesy of W. Quick quiz - which 2 presidents since Reagan have lowered the deficit? You know the one Reagan exploded with tax cuts like W did? Ready? Clinton & Obama. Facts Donny, facts," another Twitter user added."

"Did you thank him for staving off another great depression and handing you a steady economic ship or were you your usual gracious self," Evan Dashevsky wrote.

"Obama was faced with a mess handed to him by Bush. You were given an economy fully recovered yet are doing your best to run it into the ground," an additional tweet pointed out.

"AND WHY I KNOW , Could it be due to the Recession that was created by the deregulation which we're put in place by Bush? A recession which effected the world & Obama & his admin got us thru it," a social media user stated. The negative reaction to the president continued as the memory of Barack Obama hovers over the White House.