Britain's Prince Harry's engagement to an American actress, Meghan Markle, has led to many questions about their union. Their wedding ceremony will take place next year in the month of May in Windsor Castle. This is according to information emanating from the royal family. Meghan Markle is a divorced biracial American actress and she is expected to become a British citizen before she marries Harry. This is anticipated to have no issues during the application period. It is expected that the young couple will live in Nottingham Cottage. The actress attended a Roman Catholic school and she is of a mixed-race.

Her mother is African-American while her father is Jewish.

Against the royal family traditions

A report by the Daily Telegraph stated that this union could not have happened a generation ago. The royal family members were not supposed to marry non-whites according to the royal family traditions. Markle's marriage into a royal family will be contrary to the royal family norms.

Some of the people who were not allowed to be married by royal family members included Protestants and those who were divorced. These traditions made people speculate that the union between Harry and Markle was not practical.

It was announced Tuesday, November 28, that Markle would join the Anglican Church upon marrying Prince Harry in May in St.

George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. A report by a columnist for The Independent stated that Ms. Markle will become a British Citizen upon marrying Prince Harry. This process for a nonwhite immigrant would usually be cumbersome and would most often result in failure of admission.

The secretive royal family

The royal family which has been known to be secretive made the engagement known to the public on Monday.

In an interview with BBC's Mishal Husain, Markle revealed that they met in July 2016 on a blind date set up by a mutual friend.

The two went on a camping trip to Botswana where Markle said Prince Harry proposed to her. Prince Harry will be the second of the late Princess Diana's sons to have a royal wedding. The first was done by his brother, Prince William.

His wedding was watched by thousands of people across the globe. Many Americans took their time to watch the live coverage of the wedding.

This showed the importance of royal weddings to the world. William is the heir to the British throne and the firstborn son of late Princess Diana. The engagement of Harry to Markle concludes the speculation of their relationship.