An Australian beauty titlist caught the ire of netizens when she fired a subtle shot at President Donald Trump when asked about the enemies of climate change. Her answer earned her the Miss Earth Air crown, joining Miss Philippines Karen Ibasco who won the Miss Earth 2017 title.

Nina Robertson, 20, competed in the annual Miss Earth pageant held in The Philippines on Saturday, November 4 (PST). The Aussie stunner made a successful entrance to the final four after passing the Trending Earth Topic rounds. This according to a report by the Washington Post.

Subtle shot at POTUS

In her bid for the crown and elusive Miss Earth title, Robertson was asked the final question: "Who/What is the biggest enemy of mother earth?"

For her response, the Australian representative seemed to reference US President Donald Trump when she delivered her answer, saying, "The real enemy of the Earth are the people who don't believe that global warming is real."

“We take for granted what mother earth have offered,” Robertson sealed her final answer before thanking the cheering crowd.

The host, CNN’s "The Service Road" anchor James Deakin, seemed to acknowledge the subliminal target of the contestant’s answer when he lifted the momentum and said, “Shots fired!”

Trump on climate change

President Trump has a very strong opinion on climate change.

His stand on environmental issues has always been very open to everyone. For instance, on Nov. 12, 2012, he tweeted:

A year after, Mr. Trump publicly threw in his 50 cents on the issue, saying,

To top his previous statements, the current president of the Free World canceled the reality of climate change, tweeting,

Apparently, Trump's hesitation to accept the reality of climate change is contradicted by his own administration’s latest statement on the issue.

The White House just confirmed a report saying humans are causing global warming, according to The Washington Post.

About the pageant

Completing the elemental court were Juliana Franco of Colombia and Lada Akimova of Russia, who won Miss Earth Water 2017 and Miss Earth Fire 2017, respectively. Other finalists who entered the top 16 were delegates from the USA, Tonga, Angola, Thailand, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Cameroon, Guatemala, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Switzerland.

The stage was also graced by fast-rising pianist Iskandar Widjaja and Grammy award-winning singer Shontelle who accompanied the girls during the long gown presentation.