Malia Obama was seen at a pregame Harvard-Yale football game over the weekend packing on some PDA with a "mystery" guy. She was seen kissing a male friend whom she was hanging out with before the game just outside of the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut. The former first daughter also lit up a cigarette, as seen in a photo posted on TMZ's website.

Malia Obama's 'smoking' past

The 19-year-old freshman has kept a low profile since moving into the dorms in late August.

She was accompanied by her parents, Barack and Michelle Obama, when she got settled in. Her father told reporters a few days later that it was like "open-heart surgery" saying goodbye to his eldest daughter.

Malia Obama was in the news last year for allegedly smoking marijuana after she was spotted puffing on a suspicious-looking item that looked like a joint. She later mocked the headlines by wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Smoking Kills." Her mother is known for having a disdain for smoking, even reportedly making her husband feel awful about the nicotine habit. The photo of her lighting up a cigarette likely won't go over very well!

It's unknown who the man is in the video with Malia Obama, but he's obviously a Harvard fan as well.

He was wearing a crimson sweatshirt. She was wearing a large white hat, yellow coat, and white leggings. No one seemed to care that a person was nearby snapping photos of them making out. Maybe they wanted to give the media something to write about, perhaps tease onlookers over what was behind that kiss. Are they a steady couple or just friends having a good time at a college football game?

Avoiding the media

A few months ago Sasha Obama was seen kissing a mysterious guy as well, but it was revealed who he was. People will just have to wait and see if they learn who the guy Malia Obama was with will be identified. Overall, the press is respecting the privacy of the former first daughters. Neither one of them has granted interviews and seem less interested than publicity compared to that of other first daughters.

When a journalist from the Boston Globe asked Malia if she could ask her a few questions, she kindly replied that she "can't."

Whether the Obama daughters were instructed to steer clear of interviews or they made the decision themselves not to make a habit out of talking with reporters is unclear. It's only been ten months since Donald Trump took over the presidency and it's possible that it's too early for Sasha and Malia Obama to say anything. It was a while before Chelsea Clinton and the Bush first daughters interacted with the media.