On Thursday, Republicans in the House of Representatives passed their Tax Reform bill over to the Senate. As the GOP gets another step closer to achieving one of Donald Trump's campaign promises, one host on MSNBC decided to sound off with her thoughts.

Reid on GOP

When Donald Trump locked up the Republican nomination for president, he vowed to pass major legislation when dealing with tax reform. For decades, Republicans and Democrat have fought and debated over how to structure the country's tax system, with liberals advocating for higher taxes on the wealthy to fund increased government programs, while conservatives pushed to lower taxes, especially on those most fortunate.

After defeating Hillary Clinton last November, Trump seemed confident that he would be successful in regards to his tax plan, especially with a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Despite this, the first 10 months of the Trump presidency has resulted in massive in-fighting, with even many Republicans speaking out against the president. While this has been the case, House Republicans were able to get on board and pass their plan through, with the Senate now awaiting their turn to push it to Trump's desk. Critics have been vocal in their opposition, highlighting how the plan is heavily favored to help corporations and the most wealthy. Commenting on this, and more, was MSNBC host Joy Reid who decided to do her venting during a series of tweets on November 17.

Taking to her Twitter feed on Thursday night, Joy Reid appeared fed up with the current state of Washington, and moved forward with breaking down what Donald Trump has done in the White House and putting the blame on his supporters.

"Last November, 63 million of you voted to pretty much hand this country over to a few uber wealthy families and the religious far right," Reid tweeted, before sarcastically adding, "Well done."

"When you lose your healthcare and Social Security disability benefits and your taxes go up so corporations and billionaires can hoard more stuff, just remember 65 million people tried to warn you," Joy Reid added in a follow-up tweet.

"But you wanted your 'wall' to keep Mexican immigrants out, and your Muslim ban, and your grievances stroked, apparently more than you wanted your healthcare and nursing home fees," she went on to post.

In her fourth and final tweet on the subject, Joy Reid didn't hold back. "So I guess you got what you wanted. Modernity got a slap in the face with your 1950s whip hand, amirite!?" the MSNBC host wrote."Yeah, you sure showed us. Enjoy the tax hikes and oil spills, and the 'age of the alpha male!' or whatever.

And good luck," Reid concluded.

Moving forward

While Joy Reid and others continue to express their disdain for the current administration, Donald Trump and the Republican Party have moved another step forward to changing the direction of the American tax system. Though only time will tell if the bill makes it to Trump's desk, it's expected that Reid and many more will keep speaking out in opposition.