In the aftermath of the growing allegations of sexual harassment and assault against various high-profiled men, the news has dominated the headlines. When asked if she had her own personal experience to speak of, Sarah Palin gave a unique answer.

Palin on sexual harassment

It all started last month when the New York Times broke the door down with their exclusive report about the allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Harvey Weinstein. The well-known film producer was accused of various acts of assault, dating back to decades in Hollywood.

In the days and weeks that followed, numerous women came forward to reveal their alleged experiences with the film mogul, which has led to Weinstein being fired from his company and ostracized as a result. Since then, various actors, directors, producers, and even politicians have been accused of similar acts. The latest stories has revolved around Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, who was accused of sexually assaulting underage girls on multiple occasions over the last four decades. On the Democratic side, Sen. Al Franken was accused of forcibly kissing a woman and has since apologized for the act. As reported by NBC News on November 16, Sarah Palin was asked about whether or not she had gone through a similar situation.

Speaking to NBC reporter Kasie Hunt, former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin spoke about the current issues of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace as it pertains to the aforementioned headlines.

"It's amazing what happened today," Palin said in response to the Al Franken allegations. "It's very important we are's not a partisan issue," she continued.

When asked if she had ever been the victim of sexual harassment, Sarah Palin explained that her reputation of carrying a gun was likely the reason why men stayed away.

"You know, I think a whole lot of people know that, I’m probably packing," Palin said. "I don’t think there’s a whole lot of people who would necessarily mess with me," she added."

Sarah Palin went on to say that it "really stinks" that women have been victims of sexual harassment, but warned against potential false allegations. "The floodgates are really open that could lead to a lot of false accusations that really harm an innocent person," she concluded.

Twitter reacts

After Sarah Palin's remarks were made public, social media users were quick to fire back with thoughts of their own.

"So, there was literally nobody else available you could talk to?" one tweet read.

" it that or is it that you're crazy as a loon?" another Twitter user wondered. "I'm thinking they're just not into crazy..." an additional tweet noted. "What they hell is she doing in Washington?? Perhaps Trump has a hankering for pistol packing dimwits!" a social media user stated.

"Batsh*t crazy lady is packing. What could possibly go wrong?" a tweet sarcastically asked. The backlash to Sarah Palin's remarks continued as the debate over sexual harassment and assault moved forward.