Grace Mugabe is the wife of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe. She became close to him when she was his secretary after the death of his first wife from kidney failure. She is 41 years younger than the president, who celebrated his wedding with great pomp and show. A galaxy of guests including Nelson Mandela attended the celebration. Mugabe's health deteriorated and Grace thought it a fit time to make a bid for president of Zimbabwe. She began to cultivate the factions of the ruling party in a bid to consolidate her position.

Mugabe was enamored with his wife and to pave the way for her succession, he fired his longtime ally Mnangagwa.

This was the catalyst that made the army march into the capital and put Mugabe under house arrest, The Independent report.

Mugabe and the coup

Mugabe has ruled for 37 years and all along Mnangagwa was at his side. His decision to fire his close aide has brought about this coup. The army denies it is a coup and has stated that they were only targetting criminals who had surrounded the president.

Grace is where?

In all this turmoil, the whereabouts of the president's wife Grace was not known. Now some information is available that probably she has escaped to Namibia. The Washington Times has reported that in all probability Ms. Grace's impatience to become president and the attempt to sideline Mnangagwa was a serious miscalculation, both on her and the presidents part.

The military which had greater loyalty to the ousted vice president was not ready to accept dynastic succession and this led to the coup.

Grace Mugabe led a flamboyant life of luxury after she became the president's wife from being his mistress. She is 41 years younger than Mugabe and her extravagant shopping trips where she splurged unlimited money are well known.

This was common knowledge but nobody dared to point it out to Mugabe. About two years back she reportedly told Mugabe that she could be president. As part of that exercise, Mugabe fired his longtime ally, the vice president Mnangagwa.

Game not over

How Grace escaped to Namibia is not publicised but in all probability the army allowed her to go.

The decks are now clear for Mnangagwa to be sworn in as president. But as the saying goes there is many a slip between the cup and the lip and Mugabe has indicated that he will not resign and will finish his term.There are reports he attended a graduation ceremony in Harare. The game is not yet over, but Grace may find it difficult to be president of Zimbabwe.