If you are a person with internet access, you know that Donald Trump loves Twitter. He tweets in the mornings and even at night. He tweets on the ground and even in flight. It is a wonder that Trump can get any work done with his face buried in his smartphone. From vacations to globe-trotting to meetings in Asia to Twitter, The Donald has his hands full.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Donald Trump, Jr. is also a huge Twitter user himself. Anyone with access to the internet knows this, with his 23.3 million followers. Junior also loves to celebrate his father and all of his accomplishments.

This tweet is no departure from that:

The tweet that prepared him for a roast

"My favorite piece of campaign memorabilia from @realdonaldtrump maga makeamericagreatagain usa america," wrote Junior about a signed map from his father and current President of the United States.

This, of course, brought out the burns. The reads (a "read" is very closely related to shade. Anyone who has seen "Paris is Burning" knows this).The complete gathering of Donald Trump, Jr.'s life.

The burns, roasts, and reads

"Word on the street is that you "New York Hillbillies'" wrote one colorfully named user, "want yo [sic] quit and go back to New York.

What let me tell you, New York doesn't want you back #NYC."

Of course, there is not enough evidence of any wrongdoing on Trump's part, but investigation results remain to be seen.

In response to Donald potentially serving two terms, Virginia Beach veteran, Anton Stevens wrote, "Yup, one term in state prison. One term in Federal prison."

"It is so indescribably sad," said "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and "Big Mouth" writer, Jess Dweck, "that you have to ask for an autograph from your dad to get his attention and approval."

For all readers who may be unaware, this is A-1, church mother, Patti Labelle to Aretha Franklin level SHADE!

Remarking on the map, surgeon Eugene Gu of Ganogen, Inc., responded, "What did the map look like in Virginia and New Jersey yesterday?" He was referring to the massive win byDemocratss in this week's election.

A user with the handle of, Pipelayer_Jones, posted an incriminating meme referring to Trump's ties with Russia, tweeting "Keep Talking," above it.

"World's Sexiest Teacher" according to "People Magazine," Nicholas Ferroni also tweeted his "favorite piece of campaign memorabilia"; a final count of Clinton's Nearly 3 million more votes.

"It’s like a still from the game Plague Inc.," shade professional and super woke father, Paul Mitchell (no relation to the congressman or the world famous stylist) wrote in a seething tweet to the former reality television show host's oldest son.

"AsLongAsYouAreAMillionaire AsLongAsYouAreWhite AsLongAsYouAreHetero AsLongAsYouOwnGuns," said another user in response to a meme posted in the thread stating Donald Trump is "fighting for Americans."

This is not a rare occurrence for the Trump family, however. Anyone who is a public figure on social media is open to scrutiny. That said, it is undeniable that in the Twitter arena, Donald Trump, Jr. got seriously roasted.