Donald Trump is seemingly obsessed with his presidential win over Hilary Clinton and loves to remind the world that he defeated her. One could even posit that The President's obsession is unhealthy. Despite the two having a previous friendship and professional relationship, Trump just continues to bash Clinton on his favorite social media platform: Twitter.

Trump calls Clinton the 'worst (and biggest) loser of all time

November 18 at 5:31 AM, President Trump tweets that "Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party.

Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years!" It is commonly called "cowardly" to talk about someone via Twitter and not tag them in the post. This New York business mogul is known for doing just that, in most cases. No matter what people are calling it, Donald Trump sternly executes his first amendment right to free speech.

Although the tweet received over 89,000 likes and 25,000 retweets, many users were not happy with his conduct and promptly responded to exercise their own right to free speech.

Twitter users blast back

Many Twitter users felt compelled to respond to Trump's apparent lack of good sportsmanship. One user even believed Trump was mimicking Clinton's style, posting a picture of them in eerily similar clothing. The picture was accompanied by the caption "Trump is so played by the world leaders everytime [SIC]".

One user, in particular, called out Trump for deflecting. Trump has been under fire since taking office with the heat rising recently in light of investigations of collusion with Russia, foreign affairs, visits to other world leaders gone awry, and other unsuccessful political endeavors.

Wasabi posts a Monopoly card spoof that reads:

"Hilary Card. Deflect bad news away from Trump by bringing up Hilary. Use Hilary Card when you lack any actual argument or.... ....facts. [SIC]"

Although Trump believes Clinton is helping the GOP, others believe that the president is causing "irreparable damage" to the Republican Party.

Clinton has her fair share of supporters as well that love to remind President Trump of her "3+ million more votes," despite the fact that she did not win the election.

Others still believe that Trump is, indeed, obsessed with Hilary Clinton for some strange reason.

Despite Trump's Twitter attacks, he still has supporters

In spite of many attacking Trump for his views and even fashion choices, others defended the president.

In response to liberals responding in the thread with threats of impeachment and Robert Mueller leading the charge to investigate Trump's ties with Russia, Trump supporters sing a different tune of Mueller.

Russin Doll, a Twitter user and supporter of the current president, writes "Trump haters relying on Muller [SIC] hahahahaha" with a humorous video of a rotund person running and falling into a pit.

Other supporters have jumped on the Hilary bashing bandwagon as Trump leads the attacks.

And still, Trump is the source of many political cartoons and memes, simply based on his own demeanor as leader of the United States.

Americans are as divided over Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as the country was during the 2016 presidential campaign. With all of the in-fighting and divisiveness of the government leaders on Capitol Hill, it is no wonder that the country's citizens are also divided. Even though there is division among the country, one thing is surely not divided: Donald Trump's attention on Hilary Clinton.