As the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference continues, new details have emerged about Donald Trump's past history in the country. The latest revelation dates back to an incident at the the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013 in response to the so-called "pee tape" dossier.

Trump in Russia

Not long after Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, questions were raised as to what conflicts of interest he might run into due to his past history of taking part in international business. As the months moved forward in the 2016 presidential election, speculation grew about what Trump's relationship was with Russia.

The former host of "The Apprentice" refused to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin in a direct contrast to his typical behavior of calling out several other world leaders. In addition, Trump refused to release his tax returns, becoming the first major presidential candidate in 40 years to keep his financial information from the public. With his finances hidden and his apparent admiration for Russia out in the pubic, Trump has also faced the issue of having past and current members of his campaign and administration linked back to the Kremlin, from former campaign manager Paul Manafort, to his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Fast forward to present day and the investigation into Russia, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, has already filed charges against three former members of Trump's campaign, despite constant denial by the White House.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the president and Russia stems from the unconfirmed "dossier" that was released by CNN earlier this year, which Buzzfeed claims included Trump involved in sexual acts with Russian prostitutes. As reported by NBC News on November 9, one of Trump's bodyguards elaborated further.

According to Keith Schiller, a longtime bodyguard for Donald Trump, opened up to congress about an incident that took place several years back with the president in Russia.

During the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, Russia, an unnamed Russian participant offered to "send five women" to Trump's hotel, in what would amount to potential sexual activity. Schiller reportedly explained that the offer was viewed as a possible joke, and was quickly turned down. "We don't do that type of stuff," he said, adding that the billionaire real estate mogul laughed off the offer before going to bed alone for the night.

The interview with congress was in relation to the aforementioned "pee tape" dossier that was put together by a former British intelligence operative, before being reported on as speculation by CNN. When asked about the dossier itself, Keith Schiller replied, "Oh my God, that's bullsh*t."

Next up

While the Russian investigation continues to move forward, Donald Trump is in the middle of his 12-day foreign trip to Asia where he is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin in the upcoming days. Though it's unknown what the investigation will reveal, only time will tell how the president handles the information when he returns to the United States.