A year ago, the world sat in shock as news emerged that despite all odds, Donald trump had won the U.S. presidential election and was to become the world's most powerful man. Throughout the year, concerns rose and rose over the ignorant and hateful rhetoric that first led to Mr. Trump's victory and ensued after his inauguration. However, according to the Independent, recent Election Results provide hope for a better future for America.

Trump in action

In the period of his political career, the president has taken many controversial actions. Mr, Trump tried to bar certain demographics from entering the USA through attempting to introduce a "Muslim ban" and considered revoking DACA.

He has tried to ban trans-members of the U.S. military from service, tried to replace the Healthcare Act with a much less inclusive alternative, taken the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, and engaged in reckless discourse with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. This and more has kept him constantly under public scrutiny, with America and the rest of the world becoming increasingly aware of the problems associated with his position.

This has unveiled at a time of strong dissatisfaction among Americans with the systematic oppression of non-white, female, and LGBTQ+ communities and the vast poverty found in one of the richest countries in the world. The issues resonate around the world, as the growing of alt-right sentiment can be found across much of the Global North.

However, as indicated by elections in France and Germany this year, the majority of people in those countries prefer a much more accepting and open-minded outlook.

The people fight back

Today, state, gubernatorial, and mayoral elections in the US indicate that the American people are realizing the damaging effect of Trump's presidency and are fighting back.

Aside from the two major Democratic wins, with Ralph Northam defeating Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia and Phil Murphy prevailing over his Republican competitor Chris Christie in New Jersey, Perez' party made history with several other victories:

  • Andrea Jenkins became the first openly transgender black woman elected in the U.S. when she won a seat on the Minneapolis City Council, according to NBC News
  • Danica Roem, who became the first openly transgender lawmaker in Virginia, unseated the Delegate who introduced the controversial Bathroom Bill in 2016
  • Vi Lyles became the first black woman mayor of Charlotte
  • Jenny Durkan is now the first openly lesbian mayor of Seattle, and the first female mayor in almost a hundred years
  • Sheila Oliver is New Jersey’s first black lieutenant governor
  • Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala are the first Latinx women elected to the Virginia house of Delegates
  • Yvonne Spicer, a black woman, became the first mayor of Framingham, Massachussett’s newest city

The victories, mostly of Democratic party members, indicate the increased realization by the American people of the importance of political participation and Representation.

They show that the president's policies and campaigns seem to have backfired and resulted in losses for his party and decreased support for what he stands for among the general population. The series of diverse individuals in positions of power goes against the vision that Mr. Trump seems to have of a "Great America." They do, however, suggest that the majority of Americans, at least in the states holding the elections this week, seem to believe that a Great America is one where everybody has a chance to be represented and to make a difference.