When the former president of Zimbabwe resigned after 37 years of tyrannical rule, 21 November 2017; the world rejoiced. The downfall of Mugabe occurred and fear of Grace Mugabe being his successor emerged. This left many thinking that the time is now for retribution to be delivered to Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace Mugabe.

Mugabe is granted immunity and keep his riches

Just a few short hours ago, it was revealed that the former President has been granted immunity from any prosecution and the right to live and die in his Home Country as part of the resignation deal.

He will also be allowed to visit other countries as he is required.

93-year-old Mugabe attached to Zimbabwe, where he wants to die

A source said that, "For him, it was very important that he be guaranteed security to stay in the country...although that will not stop him from traveling abroad when he wants to or has to,"

Mugabe expressed during negotiations that he wanted to die in Zimbabwe, and not live in exile.

The public is angry and voice their opinions

This leaves the public angrily expressing their opinion. Maybe the resignation is a PR stunt orchestrated by ZANU PF. An attempt at whitewashing the pretense of the ruling party self-correcting. Saying this will lead to the country restoring faith in the party, which will end up extending the oppression left behind by Mugabe.

Some even doubt that the ruling party has the welfare of the citizens of Zimbabwe at heart.Saddened that the former president gets away with “human rights abuses,” and “destroying an economy,” as well as doubts of justice within the continent, Africa.

The public is also left with fears that Grace Mugabe and her sons will still be allowed to continue squandering money.

Living a lavish lifestyle, whilst the country is in economic turmoil.

And those members of the public who bluntly state that there is no justification for Robert Mugabe receiving immunity and being able to “hold on to his plunder”.

What does the future hold for Zimbabwe?

Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75 will be sworn in as interim leader on 24 November 2017.

He was dismissed earlier this month from his position as Vice President, by the now former President.

Even though Mugabe has fallen, the legacy that he leaves behind, the hardship that his country was forced to endure, these will take many years to correct. His reign of terror might be over, but the public wants to know; will his successor correct the monstrosities or simply continue where he left off?