Animal lovers and advocates for their well-being feel extremely disturbed when domestic pets are abused or abandoned. As a result of such cruelty, so many dogs and cats are left to roam the streets and suddenly have to fend for themselves. Such was the case in the South Central Los Angeles area when locals nearby witnessed three small dogs huddled together in fear.

The story of three abandoned Chihuahua dogs

Local residents near a fast food restaurant parking lot in South Central Los Angeles noticed three Chihuahua dogs terrified and huddled together in a corner.

Concerned for their safety, the citizens called the amazing organization known as Hope for Paws so the dogs could get rescued and off the streets. When the rescuers arrived, it was apparent that all the animals were suffering from malnutrition, as they were able to see their ribs. The three little dogs were named Penny, Marty, and Brooklyn.

When the dogs were first confronted, it was apparent that they were very anxious and feared the presence of the humans. They were enticed with bits of food, and the male dog Marty finally sniffed the offerings hesitantly. The larger of the females, Brooklyn followed close behind, followed by Penny. All dogs were gentle as they accepted the food tidbits although they were all quite timid and apprehensive.

Marty was again the first to allow some human touch by the rescuers. Before saving the dogs from the perils of the streets, a woman witnessed an owner dumping the dogs off. With a broken and concerned heart, she gave the dogs some food until someone was able to come and take the animals to safety. Hope for Paws had to use the food morsels to encourage the female dogs into a crate although the male was more fearful and had to get captured with a gentle snare.

The goal of Hope for Paws and Wags and Walks

Both organizations, Hope for Paws and Wags and Walks had a hand in helping Penny, Marty and Brooklyn to get off the streets. Although they were all anxious and scared initially, the trio expressed their gratitude to their rescuers by wagging their tails, giving tons of kisses and showing a huge smile.

After being medically examined, given a bath and groomed, the dogs all took in every ounce of love and care they were not used to receiving but deserved. After several days, unfortunately, Penny passed away due to a heart condition, but the others were fostered through arrangements by Wags and Walks. Luckily, the two remaining dogs were adopted together and now get all the love and attention they crave and deserve. Their video can be viewed on the Hope for Paws Facebook page. This is a heartwarming story with a happy ending!