As an animal lover and pet owner, you have concerns about their health and well-being. Diet is a crucial aspect of your companion pet’s overall health. The recommendations for pets vary from high-protein, grain-free, no fillers and homemade diets.

Among the home menu varieties, a lot of good news was highlighted about a Raw Food plan for your pets. Is the raw diet a safe and healthy option for your pets?

Raw diet - yes or no?

New data reveals that many Dogs And Cats visit veterinarians with serious injury that results from a poor diet. Some of the animals succumb to their illness or injury.

The raw diet became a popular trend for pets that consisted of such items as rabbit, possum, veal and wallaby. Additional items on the menu could include a mix of bones, tripe, and organs, all elements that animals in the wild would consume.

Studies by Veterinary Specialist Dr. Mark Robson

Dr. Robson investigated more than 120 cases involving pet foods since the start of the raw diet trend. Amidst his studies, Dr. Robson came across an issue where a dog came into surgery due to bones piercing his bowel. The dog did not survive and the owners were left with grief and a $20,000 medical bill. The studies focused significantly on such issues since bones are hard to crumble and get digested throughout the intestines.

The bones often pierce organs while smaller pieces accumulate and block other passages. If the bones cannot be removed from the animal, the situation becomes fatal.

Another issue as described by Dr.

Robson is the lack of nutrition within a raw diet. Many puppies came into his practice that was lacking in bone development as a result of these foods. Raw foods typically do not have enough of the necessary minerals, especially critical calcium. The veterinary specialists find it ironic that people switch to this highly advertised food plan for pets because of the negative aspects of traditional commercial dog and cat foods.

But pet owners were not given all the facts about feeding their pets a raw diet that could be harmful and hazardous.

As a pet owner, the veterinarians conducting these suggest a healthier premium commercial dog food rather than going raw. A raw food plan seems to be all natural but cannot guarantee a long, happy life compared to a protein and vitamin-enriched premium food. Robson states that raw feeding to pets is controversial with continual education on the subject. It is crucial that all pet owners confer with their personal veterinarians for advice on the more nutritious diet that is safe for the health and well-being of their companion animal.