Microsoft launched its Windows 10 software earlier in 2015. The company quickly began implementing schemes to ensure that users flock to their latest operating system, but many users stuck around with the older one. According to a study published by analyst firm Statcounter, Windows 10 might finally end up overtaking Windows 7 before this year ends. The study claims that Windows 10 will be installed on a greater number of PCs globally, as compared to Windows 7.

Here are the figures behind Windows 10's success

As pointed by Tech Radar, the figures provided by the firm state that Windows 10 is installed in approximately 39.3 percent of desktop PCs as of September 2017.

At the same time, Windows 7 is only found to be running on 43.99 percent of the PCs worldwide. It is believed that if Windows 10 continues to trend like this, then it won’t take long for it to cover up the 5 percent gap. Windows 7 has been witnessing small but significant drops in the recent months. As pointed by Statcounter, Windows 7 experienced a drop of 1.11 percent back in August. At the same time, Windows 10 is gaining momentum as it grew with roughly 1.43 percent of share.

More about the Microsoft's OS battle

Microsoft’s newest OS now has the whole months October and November to match up the pace. The next set of statistics will come about in December. Microsoft also plans on launching the Fall Creators Update later in October this year.

The update comes equipped with new and exciting features. It is believed that the update will only push users to switch to Windows 10. Surprisingly, another analyst firm Netmarketshare has starkly different results. As per what they have to say, Windows 10 stands at 28.65 percent in terms of shares and Windows 7 stands at 46.22 percent.

The Redmond giant in general faces tough competition from its arch-rival, Apple, and its MacOS. Both have been competing to produce better features and software.

Netmarketshare is known to take all desktop Operating Systems into consideration. At the same time, Statcounter only takes Windows versions into account. Therefore, this could explain the drastic difference in numbers.

Microsoft will be introducing the Fall Creators Update for 10 on October 17. The big roll-out, however, will begin today and will continue for the next two weeks. Microsoft will also be seen introducing newer Surface devices in the span of next two months.