Cronies Sports Grill in Ventura, California is a popular place, offering “great food” and “great times.” However, judging by recent surveillance footage taken in the restaurant, they have a lot more to offer – if you are a Ghostbuster that is.

Surveillance footage taken in the restaurant shows furniture moving or falling on its own – not once, but on two separate occasions – and apparently without any hidden props. The owners say they have nothing to do with the spooky occurrences and swear it is no Halloween stunt.

Co-owner of Cronies Ventura says it’s ‘pretty creepy’

Dave Foldes, a co-owner of Cronies, told CBSLA that what is happening is “pretty creepy.” Saying they have owned the restaurant for 27 years, he said it is really weird, and they’ve never had anything weird happen before.

First video shows a bar stool fall to the floor

They posted the first surveillance footage to their official Facebook page on October 10. It starts off with a man saying he noticed a bar stool had fallen over when he entered the restaurant first thing that morning and decided to check out the surveillance video. He was shocked by what he saw, and took a video clip of the bar stool, apparently falling over completely unaided.

He ends with the words, “Cronies Ventura, after work – haunted.”

Second video shows a chair moving in the middle of the day

A second video was posted to their Facebook page on October 17, which starts with a man named Jimmy asking Aubrey if he remembers the video footage he found with the fallen chair. He goes on to say that it happened again and that a customer had told them about it.

This time the spooky occurrence happened in the middle of the day. The man asks onlookers to watch as a chair moves slightly in the middle of the restaurant. He then told them to watch a family, seated at a table close by, who obviously saw the chair move too. A woman gets up and walks over to the chair, pulling it out to inspect it.

The man then goes on to say that Cronies Ventura “is haunted.”

Who is haunting this Ventura grill?

The walls of the restaurant are lined with photos of patrons and workers who have passed away, so no one is really sure who might be Haunting the joint, if you believe in ghosts. However, Foldes says he has an idea who it might be. He went on to say it was probably Ralph and Don, who were their “first originals.” Foldes went on to say they introduced him to his wife and both passed away 25 years ago. He said whenever anything strange happens they blame it on Ralph and Don.

Whether Cronies Ventura is indeed haunted is unknown, but the co-owners continue to swear they didn’t set up any kind of Halloween stunt, saying the spooky video footage is proof.