Many hearts were broken when the news broke in August that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were getting a divorce. However, Anna Faris has been spotted back on the Dating scene since then. While nothing has been confirmed, "People Magazine" is said to have heard from a reliable source about Anna Faris' new love life. Fortunately, we have some insight on the situation as well.

On the dating scene

For those who don't know, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt fell in love while filming a movie together. It seems that movie magic has had its effect on Faris once again.

The actress has been seen quite a bit with cinematographer Michael Barrett since working together on the new film, "Overboard." People's sources claim that the two have been very close for several weeks now, but now the two are making public appearances. They have recently been spotted on dinner and lunch dates in some very high-end restaurants.

Regardless of how much time has passed, we truly hope that Faris is enjoying herself and finding more happiness. After all, time doesn't seem to matter that much when two people are in love. Plus, all of this speculation could be just that. It's possible that Faris and Barrett are just going out as friends and enjoying each other's company, but it does seem highly unlikely.

For now, we'll keep on speculating. It's not our fault that Barrett and Faris make a good-looking couple!

What about Chris?

Unfortunately, the divorce has to be mentioned. What is going on with sweetheart superhero Chris Pratt? Well, everything seems to be going just fine. Faris has recently come forward in "People Magazine" to say that she and Pratt are still friends and more than likely always will be.

Both of them seem to continue to hold a lot of love for each other, and are still able to make each other laugh. Sometimes these relationships are just better left as friendships.

Anna Faris' separation from Chris Pratt seems to have been a hard one, but one that was necessary. The two haven't shown any hard feelings towards each other, and have high hopes for being able to co-parent their son just fine.

Fans may still but disappointed, what's important is that they're both happy.

Throughout all of this, we have one question. When will Chris Pratt start dating again and who? The star seems to be living a relatively quiet life right now, perhaps because he's been working on so many new movies. Whenever Pratt finds a new love and decides to reveal her to us, we'll be waiting with open arms.