Republican Senator John McCain and Senator Ben Cardin from the Democratic Party joined together against the Russians. On Monday, they released a joint statement calling upon the Department of Homeland Security to quickly review its decision preventing the banker-turned-human rights activist Bill Browder from entering the United States.

According to them, US citizen William Browder campaigns for anti-corruption that targets financial organizations worldwide. They also stated that they relied on his capability and support to pass the Magnitsky Act.

Senators Mccain and Cardin fight Russia

Browder and Russia had been at an impasse since 2009. Reportedly, he revealed that Russian officials illegally detained Sergei Magnitsky after accusing him of corruption. And while in custody, they failed to render medical treatment for his pancreatitis and other serious illnesses. The prisoner met his demise at the hands of correctional officers, who bludgeoned him to death.

The New York Times reported that Russia claimed Magnitsky died of natural causes. Also, In 2009, the Russian government accused Browder of collaborating with a British detective. Magnitsky, according to the Kremlin, died because both men persuaded Russian prison doctors to withhold medical assistance.

Russia's Vladimir Putin baseless accusation

McCain and Cardin, in his defense, highlighted that Browder helped fight against corruption. According to the senators, now there is accountability in the financial sector; it impacted the United States relationship with the Russian government. The lawmakers cited that the USA should not prevent him from entering the country because of baseless accusation by Russians targeted by this legislation.

According to MSN, on Sunday, Homeland Security officials revoked his entry to the United States. Browder is an American citizen; he also holds a British passport. US immigration issued the ban the same day Russian prosecutors obtained an Interpol warrant for his arrest. The document revealed charges of tax evasion and murder.

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security directed all questions to the US State Department after McCain and Cardin issued a joint statement.

Later, Browder tweeted that Vladimir Putin finally succeeded in his 5th bid to place him on the Interpol list after four rejections by the IPO. Russian spies stated that the financier committed several crimes over the past decade, inclusive of tax evasion with the illegal purchase of Gazprom shares for foreign investors.

Meanwhile, Interpol has not released a statement since the story broke. However, the activist said Russian officials used a “loophole” called "diffusion notice" to bypass inspection. According to the US Justice Department, a diffusion notice is an international arrest warrant.