According to Bloomberg's political pages, Russia launched several Ballistic Missiles yesterday as part of a military exercise. The Defense Ministry in Moscow confirmed that the missiles were fired from two different sites in Russia.

Putin downplays show of military force

The Kremlin issued a statement insisting that the four missiles, all of which appear to have long ranges, were simply part of standard Military Exercises of which they have already had 2500 during 2017. Putin's personal assistant Dmitry Peskov assured reporters that the firing of the missiles was simply part of common military practices that take place regularly and have nothing to do with "international events".

The missiles launched were fired from strategic bombers, submarines, and land-based military points. The Russian Strategic bombers have the capability of firing missiles that can travel between 2750 to 5000 kilometers (1677 to 3100 miles).

India joins in the military exercises

An interesting addition to the latest war games in Russia is the inclusion of troops from India. Russia has sent assistance to India in the past so they have a historical track record of working together. According to reports on WION news, India's military sent a number of members from their navy and airforce to join Russia. Some 400 troops, "two IL76 transport aircraft as well as a frigate and one corvette" are in the Sea of Japan near Vladivostok currently.

The UnitedStates is India's chief arms supplier.

The biggest missile fired in the exercises was the Topol-M missile. It was fired from the Russian spaceport Plesetsk spaceport. According to a report in the Diplomat, this missile has the capacity to travel up to 11 000 kilometers (6835 miles) and can carry a 550 kiloton nuclear-tipped warhead.

Russia's Military in Syria proving effective against the IS

Russia's current campaign in Syria has proven effective in the ongoing battle against IS with a battle earlier in October claiming to have targeted and killed over 80 members of the Islamic State of Iraq and another 40 representing ISIL dying on October 7, 2017.

According to Al Jazeera, a large number of foreign mercenaries were also killed the same day by Russian forces. There have been claims that up to 14 civilians died on October 7th but Russia has not acknowledged civilian deaths since it began its raids in Syria in 2015.

Russia may well be downplaying the event, especially the missile ranges, what is unclear is whether or not they flexing their muscles for the benefit of their neighbors, North Korea or just reminding the world at large that they are rapidly becoming, once again, a force to be reckoned with?