Donald Trump has never been one to hold back gloating about himself in the past, and it doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. After Trump responded to a female reporter's question on Wednesday, social media critics of the president wasted no time firing back.

Trump's education

One constant theme during the entire time Donald Trump has officially been a politician has been his propensity to give himself credit on a routine basis. In addition, Trump has made a habit out of lashing out at his critics and political opponents, doing so in public and private, whether it's on social media, during interviews, or while addressing the media at a press conference.

In recent weeks, the former host of "The Apprentice" has found himself in the headlines for a variety of reasons, and none have made the White House look too good. Trump has publicly feuded with members of his own party, as senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have come out against the president and announced they wouldn't seek re-election due to their opposition to his administration. In addition, Trump has engaged in a war of words with the mayor San Juan following the hurricane in Puerto Rico, and most recently Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson over her allegations that the president made a war widow cry after his alleged insensitive comments. With the pressure mounting, Trump spoke to the press on Wednesday, but decided to give himself a big pat on the back in the process, as reported by NBC News on October 25.

While speaking to reporters at the White House on Wednesday, Donald Trump was asked by MSNBC's Hallie Jackson if he should act "more civil as a leader of this country." "I think the press makes me more uncivil than I am," Trump replied, before deciding to highlight his education history.

"People don’t understand," Donald Trump said, explaining "I went to an Ivy League college." The president then went on to describe himself as a "nice student" who "did very well." "I'm a very intelligent person,” he said, before deciding to speak in the third person. "I think the press creates a different image of Donald Trump than the real person," the president concluded.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Donald Trump's remarks about his education, those who oppose the president took time to respond. "The fact that (DT) attended an Ivy League colleges tells you a lot about Ivy League colleges," one tweet read.

"Donald Trump: I'm very intelligent.I went to an Ivy League college.

It's the press that makes me look like a douche. LOL,delusional much?" another tweet added. "(DT) is proof that Ivy League schools are only available to those with a Dunning-Kruger level of intelligence," an additional tweeted stated.

"I've been telling everybody how disgraceful it is for the Ivy League to have produced Donald Trump and George Bush and here we go again," yet another Twitter user wrote. The negative reaction to Trump's comments continued as the president faces another day of mockery and trolling.