Hot Air is reporting that the first lawsuit against the Weinstein Company as opposed to Harvey Weinstein himself concerning the disgraced Hollywood producer’s long history of sexual abuse and perhaps worse against young women. The suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by a struggling actress named Dominique Huett. She is asking for $5 million.

What does the suit allege?

Huett’s lawsuit alleges that the Weinstein Company enabled Harvey Weinstein’s practice of sexually abusing women. She related that the former producer coerced her into a sex act after which she was promised a role on “Project Runway.” The incident had all the hallmarks of a Weinstein assault.

Huett was lured to a hotel room by one of Weinstein’s female assistants. Weinstein excused himself in the middle of the meeting and changed into a bathrobe after which the abuse commenced.

What are the chances of the suit prevailing?

One suspects that the chances of Huett’s suit prevailing are pretty good. We already know that the Weinstein Company gave Harvey Weinstein a “pay for prey” contract in which all he had to do was to pay court costs and a fine for every sexual abuse incident that went to court. The existence of the contract suggests that the board knew about their co-founder’s extracurricular activities and moved to at least try to keep it in check through financial incentives. The fact that Weinstein used female assistants to lure his victim is also a good indication.

What happens next?

Hot Air believes that the Weinstein Company will try to settle, with a non-disclosure agreement being part of the settlement. However, the Huett lawsuit is likely to be just the first of many as hordes of aggrieved actresses, models, and other women will march to court to try to get their share of the company before it goes bankrupt under pressure.

The spectacle of a once powerful production company going under because of the depraved behavior of one of its co-founders is going to send shock waves through the entertainment industry that is already reeling from the sexual abuse revelations. Every woman who was ever groped, grabbed, or coerced onto the casting coach will likely be motivated to take revenge through the courts and get a little monetary balm for their outrage.

The Weinstein Company will probably not be the last respondent before the scandal runs its course.

When it shakes out, Hollywood will likely come out a better place to do business. Women will get greater respect and men of power will have to learn to behave.