Donald Trump will roll-back the Birth Control mandate included in the affordable care act (Obamacare), giving religious employers the option of whether or not to provide the coverage to their employees. In response, critics on social media were quick to lash out.

Trump on BC

When Donald Trump first announced he was running for president, one of the big questions that hung over his head was whether or not he would be able to generate more support from women when compared to his other Republican opponents. After winning the nomination, Trump's controversial history was revealed including the now infamous Access Hollywood tape, as well as a dozen women accusing him of sexual assault and harassment during the final month of the election.

Despite this, Trump vowed to be "great" for women in American, which was enough to propel him into the White House. Fast forward to present day and the New York Times reports that the administration is planning to remove a key aspect in Obamacare that mandates access to birth control for women, with special attention paid to the religious objections of the employer, as NBC News reported further on October 6.

According to the New York Times via NBC News, as many as 55 million women across the United States could lose access to birth control, which is expected to be officially announced by the White House as early as Friday.

The new rule will state that an exception to the mandate can be used due to the employer's "sincerely held religious beliefs." As expected, Donald Trump's critics were not pleased.

Twitter reacts

Not long after the news broke that Donald Trump was going to restrict birth control access in the country, those who oppose the president refused to remain silent.

"Great day for @DonaldTrump No birth control, no abortions & you can grab women by their *** Take action women!!!" one tweet read.

"F**k you Donald Trump and any employer that denies birth control coverage.

Immoral and unacceptable," one Twitter user wrote. "(DT) is such an a** hole! No more free BC, but trying to outlaw abortion," another post added.

"This is Donald Trump’s priority: not guns or gun control, not background checks or bump stops. His priority is the BC pill," an additional tweet stated.

" If only Donald Trump's mother had access to birth control," yet another tweet read. "We live in a country where politicians try to make abortion rates go down by making it harder for women to get (BC)," comedian John Fugelsang wrote. The backlash continued as the opposition to the commander in chief showed no signs of slowing down.