In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Donald Trump gave a speech at the White House on Friday. While speaking, he did his best to imitate an Spanish accent while addressing the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Trump on Puerto Rico

Nearly three weeks ago, Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico in one of the worst storms to hit the island in its history. With the power being completely knocked out, and food and water becoming scarce, the death toll quickly rose to 34, with thousands being forced to evacuate to safer grounds. Donald Trump's response was slow, as critics accused the president of spending more time feuding with the National Football League over protesting the national anthem then the storm in Puerto Rico.

Trump's initial comments quickly made mention of the island's debt to the United States, before later attacking the Mayor of San Juan on social media by questioning her leadership skills. When the president made his way to the island earlier this week, he came under fire once again by bringing up the debt, before being caught on video tossing paper towels into a group of hurricane survivors. Fast forward to present day and Trump found himself honoring Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House, as reported by NBC News on October 6.

While honoring Hispanic Heritage Month during a speech at the White House on Friday, Donald Trump addressed the situation in Puerto Rico, but attempted to pronounce the name of the island with a makeshift accent.

"We are also praying for Puerto Rico. We love Puerto Rico," Trump said with phony accent and a smile on his face. "And we also love Puerto Rico," he added, using his normal tone.

"60 Hispanic-Americans have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor," Donald Trump went on to say, before noticing one of the recipients in the audience.

The president went on to stop his speech before walking away from the podium to greet the man in question.

Twitter reacts

Following Donald Trump's remarks about Puerto Rico, his critics took time to bash him.

"Fake news - he doesn't give a shit about (PR). He would pay back the $33,000,000 he stole from them if he did," one tweet read.

"Trump: We love (PR) debt free only," another tweet sarcastically noted. "It's like every time this dude fabricates, his head turns a little more orange... Or maybe it's a red color.. don't know. Too close too tell," an additional tweet pointed out.

"Once again he takes the opportunity to praise himself and lie to people," a Twitter user added. As the reactions on social media continued, it was clear that the opposition to Donald Trump was not going to end anytime soon.