A Couple from Michigan was arrested for allegedly keeping a special needs woman inside their shed as a sex slave. The woman was reportedly sold by the couple online for sexual services in exchange for money.

The victim, who was not named by authorities, is 29 years old and initially rented a part of the home of the couple at a trailer park located in Macomb Township in Detroit. The New York Post states the victim then failed to pay her rent so she was kicked out. She was later housed in an empty shed and was not allowed to use the bathroom of the couple.

The suspects were identified as 38-year-old Michael Welch and 30-year-old Misty George. An anonymous tip to the police led to the arrest of the couple. Accordingly, the victim was able to flee from the shed earlier last month. The family members of the victim told authorities about the incident on September 12.

Charges against couple filed

The two were charged with human trafficking-forced labor and prostitution/accepting earnings. George received additional charges of using a computer to commit a crime. They were arraigned on Tuesday. Welch’s bond was set at $50,000 while George’s was set at $75,000.

Prosecutor Eric Smith released a statement regarding the matter. He said that the couple took the victim’s support money instead of helping her.

Smith said his “conscience is shocked by the abusive cruelty one human being is capable of showing to another.”

George's father speaks out

George's father said he believes his daughter is not capable of keeping a woman in a shed but noted that he does not know whether his daughter is innocent or guilty. He added that the victim and George are acquainted and that his daughter took the victim in when she had no place to go.

However, George reportedly asked her to leave when she saw the victim involved in a sexual activity with a man in their driveway.

George’s father also implied that Welch might have influenced her because his daughter never got in trouble until she met her boyfriend. Welch has been in and out of prison from 2001 to 2010. Welch was recently hired at a Target store and cut his neighbor's lawns.

Neighbors in disbelief

According to the Detroit Free Press, the neighbors of the couple are in disbelief because they had no idea about what was going on with the mentally and physically disabled woman. One of the neighbors, identified as 41-year-old Colleen Budzynski, said that it was shocking and she feels guilty because she did not see what was happening. Budzynski also said that they saw another woman at the home of George and Welch and believed she was the victim. However, Budzynski pointed out that the supposed victim never appeared in distress. Another neighbor, Lou Ann Boylan, said it freaked her out.